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Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by MiamiBuffs, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. MiamiBuffs

    MiamiBuffs Wᴉɐɯᴉ qnɟɟs Club Member

    Jul 12, 2005
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    Four top 10 teams have less than 2 losses. KU, OU (losing), Hawaii, and LSU. The rest of the top 25 seems to have two losses. If this continues how long do you think it will be before we have a playoff? How can you say that one two loss team is better than another one. Will this be the mark all conferences aim for? Just to get the 2nd BCS spot?
  2. Swish

    Swish Half a bubble off Club Member

    Aug 15, 2006
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    Hey I'll jump on the playoff soap box again anytime.
    This year of upsets and losses is putting an exclamation point on the playoff argument.

    If only the stubborn powers to be (NCAA) would get on board.
  3. SBG

    SBG Formerly known as EFNMB Club Member Junta Member

    Nov 20, 2006
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    I'm wondering who are going to the be at-large bids this year. There's going to be an uproar, especially since I'm expecting ND to get theirs now that they have their 2nd win over a BCS team.
  4. Blackshirts

    Blackshirts Guest


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