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Phil DiStefano - University of Colorado Chancellor

Discussion in 'University of Colorado Elected Officials and Polit' started by dio, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Phil DiStefano


    Email: Chancellor@colorado.edu

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    Dr. Philip P. DiStefano is the Chancellor at the University of Colorado Boulder. Prior to his appointment on May 5, 2009, Dr. DiStefano was the top academic officer at CU-Boulder for eight years as the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. He served as interim chancellor twice during pivotal times in the university's history and was one of the few people in our leadership to survive the "scandal."

    Dr. DiStefano has served CU-Boulder for 38 years frequently working very closely with the athletic department. He joined the University of Colorado in 1974 as an Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at the School of Education. His academic career flourished as he assumed a series of academic and administrative positions, including Professor, Associate Dean, Dean and Vice Chancellor. He was appointed Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in 2001.

    Effects on Athletics: Dr. Distefano has long worked with CU athletics and was one of the few bright-spots in in our leadership during the end of Gary Barrnet's tenure and the ensuing turmoil surrounding CU. Unfortunately it seems as soon as the job of Chancellor became official, his great track record with athletics ended. Dr. Distefano like President Benson is widely rumored to be the reason we retained Dan Hawkins for his lame duck season, he too helped to preside over a less than thorough alumni focused coaching search that yielded our current staff. While Dr. Distefano is effective at reacting to issues and dealing with challenges as demonstrated during the scandal he like President Benson has failed to articulate a grand vision for CU athletics and has not been the great advocate for CU athletics many fans would like to see.

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