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Philly's Nebraska poem...

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by PhillyBuff, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. PhillyBuff

    PhillyBuff Club Member Club Member

    Jul 8, 2005
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    As always... you know the story of my close friend passing away from leukemia in 1997. CU football was one of our activities to do together. We travelled to places like Stanford, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Kansas, Michigan, Washington, Cotton Bowl, and ofcourse Nebraska....

    He and I went in 1992 to our first away Nebraska game and on that long road home, vowed to go to Lincoln until we won there. Mostly because we were treated so poorly DURING the game.

    We went every year he was alive and I finished the pact in 2002.

    Meanwhile, I wrote a poem in 2001 prior to that game and added on after....


    In 1991, It was the start of a decade of pain
    Over the next 10 years against us, Nebraska did reign
    It was a night game, on a snow filled day,
    Where a blocked field goal made things go our way.
    We tried and we tied for Big 8 Champs,
    Who knew it was the beginning of long term cramps.

    In 1992, It was cold rainy and grey
    We had no idea what we were in for that day.
    We sucked, we sucked and we sucked some more
    Nebraska treated us like we were there little whore
    Tommie Frazier, Derrick Brown and Calvin Jones ran and scored
    They beat us 52-7 and I was totally floored.
    The Nebraska fans threw beer and treated us with class,
    So imagine how we felt when they kicked our ass
    I made a promise that day with Jeremy Stern
    That we would come to Lincoln, until a CU win we would earn

    IN 1993 It was more of the same
    Nebraska scored 3 Touchdowns quicker than Chuck Fishman came.
    It was that day that Kordell couldn’t complete a pass,
    We scored 14 points late but then ran out of gas.

    IN 1994, it was billed “GAME OF THE YEAR”
    Ranked #2 and #3, Nebraskans were full of fear
    16 of us got in cars to go to Lincoln,
    At the border we showed are asses…don’t think we weren’t drinkin (not the driver)
    Driving to the game, we all got pulled over
    Then Jeremy threw up, to avoid a Hangover
    We went to Sidetrax and sang with the fat pig,
    After 16 pitchers, Nebraska women didn’t look that big.
    We arrived at the stadium with Oranges in hand,
    But Nebraska kicked are asses and they became #1 in the Land.

    IN 1995 after 4 years of pain,
    Rick Neuheisel did something insane
    The team came through the student section in all black
    Rosga knocked Rob Finerbrg flat on his back
    Nebraska scored on the first offensive play
    But the Buffs wouldn’t quite go away.
    We sacked Tommie Frazier and he fumbled the ball,
    The refs screwed up and made a bad call
    It was a TD that did not count,
    That is when Nebraska’s lead started to mount
    Nebraska 44 and CU 21- it made us feel dumb
    We still think Rick Neuheisal is a ****ing bum.
    1996 was different than the rest,
    Our field goal kicker kicked 2, we thought he was the best.
    Then came the interception that Koy threw,
    We were now down 7-6, that really blew.
    It was cold, rainy and snow was coming down
    The winner of this game plays for the Big 12 crown.
    Nebraskas offense never scored a TD that day
    And the Buffs had a chance to put it away.
    Chris Anderson dropped a TD pass,
    The buffs once again, took it in the ass.

    In 1997 it was a beautiful day,
    And ****ing Nebraska scored on the very first play.
    They built up a lead of 27-3
    It was an amazing comeback that we all did see.
    If the onside kick didn’t go through Kelly’s hands,
    We would have rushed the field and emptied the stands.
    There still was one play that we could have won,
    Phil Savoy called for PI, and then we were done.

    In 1998, the Buffs started again real bad,
    Moschetti throws and interception for a TD, continuing the fad.
    This time it was different cause it was close all the way
    Chiaverini was called for Pass Interference and the refs took the game away.
    We out gained them, outpassed them and ran down their throats
    But the refs bent us over and ****ed us like goats.

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  2. PhillyBuff

    PhillyBuff Club Member Club Member

    Jul 8, 2005
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    1999 Welcomes Barnett back to CU
    So in this game, what does he do?
    On side kick to start the game that day,
    Then Nebraska’s Alexander scores on the very first play.
    They ran all over us for 3 quarters plus a little more,
    Alexander scored 3 times, 27-3 was the score.
    Then came Minardi, Dan Graham, and Javon Green,
    The Buffs scored 24 points and we were picking up steam.
    We stopped Nebraska the next time they had the ball,
    Cortlen and Minardi put us on the 18 to win it all.
    On came Aldrich to win the big game,
    One good kick, would have put him in CU’s hall of fame.
    It was high and went right,
    No one should suffer what he endured that night.
    Then came overtime and the Buffs were dead,
    It would have been easier if they kicked us in the head.

    In the year 2000, we thought we could start anew,
    Ochs dropped back and an INT for a TD he threw.
    But something changed this year, to you I will quote
    Cortlen Johnson ran the ball right down their throat.
    Back and forth, the score went all day,
    Cu scores and goes for 2, with 47 seconds to play
    Ochs dropped back and completed it to Green
    CU would in 32-31 it would seem.
    We lined up to kick off we hoped with lots of air,
    Our kicker did slip, and the ball went nowhere.
    Nebraska drove the field and set up a kick,
    It went right through the goal, and we all felt sick

    It can’t get no worse, no way, no how,
    Colorado needs a win right ****ing now.

    1991 started a long and painful trend
    but in 2001 this will all end.

    Lets raise our glasses to the team we love,
    And hope we get some help from Rosie and Jeremy above.

    In 2001, the unbeaten Huskers came to Boulder,
    The frustrated fans started to sing Shoulder to Shoulder,
    The atmosphere was surreal, almost as if it was time,
    Ralphie ran on the field, with a team confident behind,
    Huskers got the ball, and it was quickly 3 and out,
    Purify goes 42 yards to score, we all raise our Stout!
    Even before we finished celebrating that glorious Touchdown run,
    Nebraska had fumbled and Dan Graham had some fun.
    Pesavento to Graham to make it 14 to nuttin’,
    Nebraska needed a phantom hold to keep Purify from struttin’
    We still got the next score set up from a Dan Graham reception,
    Pesevanto scored from the one without any deception.
    The whole game, it seemed like the Buffs were in football mode,
    It was like a 16 year old virgin, for the first time blowing his load,
    Now it was time for the record books to be re-written,
    Chris Brown would head to the endzone, 6 times smitten!
    62 points scored on the number 1 ranked BCS team,
    Colorado now has that record, we hold ourselves in high esteem.
    They play that sealed it was the Michael Lewis catch,
    The Buffs celebrated GAME. SET. MATCH.
    The aftermath was ugly for those Big Red Fans who came
    Even their children, cried and held their heads in shame.
    We got them back on that fateful Black Friday
    For 10 years of suffering of terrible play.

    We still have one more goal, to win in Lincoln you see.
    But this game we drink beer and let out our pee.

    In 2002 it came, a win in Lincoln would complete my task
    Then no more missing Thanksgiving that I could ever ask.
    This one was for you Jeremy, I made good on the deal
    Finally to dance on the “N” oh how good that would feel.
    It started out ugly, but we scored on a pass
    McCoy down the sidelines, left the defender smoking grass.
    They came back and took the lead into the 3rd
    It started to stink in the stadium like we laid a turd.
    Then our running game clicked into high gear,
    Purify and Calhoun each scored this year.
    Then Brandon Drum scored up the middle full throttle
    And then some Nebrasshole, threw at him, a bottle.
    The final score was 28 to thirteen
    The largest deficit Lincoln had ever seen.
    This completes the pact we made in 1992
    Thanks to Colorado, cause that is where I met you.
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  3. mdelpizzo_1

    mdelpizzo_1 My Dixie Wrecked Club Member

    Jan 13, 2009
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  4. unionbuff

    unionbuff Club Member Club Member

    Sep 28, 2005
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    I love this poem & have fond memories of all that it represents. Thanks for sharing it again.

    :sad1: RIP Jeremy.
  5. buffsfan01

    buffsfan01 Member

    Oct 19, 2008
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    :thumbsup: RIP jeremy.
  6. White_Rabbit

    White_Rabbit Club Member Club Member

    Dec 1, 2008
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    nice. Sorry about your friend, that's tough. RIP

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