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players to watch tonight (CU vs AF)

Discussion in 'Colorado Basketball Message Board' started by C(U)3PO, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. C(U)3PO

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    Dec 5, 2010
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    I'm looking through the 2012-13 statistics and I'm pleasantly surprised at what I'm seeing in the numbers. Here's the roster and here are the statistics to-date. Here's what I'm looking at from the starting five (in order of total points), plus one more for good measure:

    Askia Booker (G, So.) - 71 pts - The leading scorer averaging 17.8 ppg, 50% from the field and 42% from behind the arc, hard to complain about much besides his free throw percentage (only shooting 50%). High assist (9) also nice to see.

    Spencer Dinwiddle (G, So.) - 50 pts - His free throw percentage is a solid 67%. This has been a challenge for CU this season, so it's nice to have slashing guard shooting decently (42%) and grabbing boards (averaging 5/game) that can also make free throws. High assists (8), nice to have the top two scorers dishing it out.

    Josh Scott (F, Fr.) - 49 pts -
    It's good a freshman has cracked the starting lineup and he's performing comparably to Dinwiddle. He's a very efficient shooter from the field (55%) and also effective free throw shooter (85%). His turnovers are a little high (8) for his playing time (108 minutes), would like to see him minimize those tonight while maintaining high assists (8).

    Andre Roberson (F, Jr.) - 35 pts - He's close to averaging a double-double (currently 9 ppg and 10.3 rebounds/game). Honestly I love watching him do work on the boards... Don't like seeing that he's 1-7 from the arc and his free throw percentage is bit low (42%). He also leads the team in assists (11) -- he's personally my favorite to watch.

    Sabatino Chen (G, Sr.) - 11 pts -
    Solid senior contributor across the court. Nothing jumps out in his stat line, but low turnovers (4) and good free throw shooting (75%), which are both good.


    Xavier Johnson (Fr.) - 23 pts -
    Johnson is promising. He's only a freshman, he's not a starter, and he's only played 85 minutes... So the fact that he's in the top 5 in scoring makes him another freshman to watch (in addition to Josh Scott). Expect him to be a starter next year.

    Go Buffs! #RollTad
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  2. BehindEnemyLines

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    Oct 18, 2007
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    I might add the great defensive work done by The Mayor this year.

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