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Proud of Our Buffs

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by Chilly, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Chilly

    Chilly Well-Known Member

    Aug 28, 2005
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    I know last night was a mistake filled game but I took some very good positives away from it.

    This Defense can dominate when the coaching staff allows them to play upfield and get pressure. We had people in Carpenters face all night long when we sent a rush. That said. The 3 man rush has to stop. I don't care how "thin" we are on D. Everytime we slow up the rush the opposing QB just picks us apart. Our LB are not great in zone coverage. They are really good at filling the gaps though.

    Cody is going to be a good QB (not great), but very good. He threw some really nice down field balls that should have been caught. The WR were really bad this week. Watching them drop all those balls reminded me of MSU last year. The coaching staff does need to get the TE involved a little more. They were keyed in on the sideline routes all night last night. I understand their reasoning, in an attempt to spread them out. If they start completing those, the D will soften up in the middle and the running game might start clicking. Problem is at some point you have to adjust, because by the 4th quarter they could have easily had another 3 pick 6's. They were keyed on the out **** by that time.

    Sumler looked slow and confused in the 1st half last night. He made some really bad decisions on a few of his runs. One that comes to mind was when he tried to cut back and spin away from LB who just gobbled him up in the backfield. If he just kicked it in and kept running he may have gotten something positive. He looked much better at finding the hole in the 2nd half, on the few runs we attempted. I will be watching him closely this year to see if he improves. RB has been a sore spot with me for years now. Since Brown left we have had no one who is willing to run with purpose. Calhoun could have been the man, but he appears to have been in the wrong system, because he tore it up after he transfered. Charles reminds me a lot of Calhoun when he was here. I really want to see him get back on the field. I am hoping the coaches have him squared away and that we can see him have the same type of turn around as Calhoun did his senior year.

    One thing is for sure Hawking is going to kill me with a heart attack someday. I know his gambling style is what he brings, but I just don't like the risks he takes. It just not for me. I am not calling him out for it, because he has to stay true to himself, but I would like to see us be a little more conventional at time. Last year he was attempting 55+ yard kicks, it seemed every week. This year he doesn't want to punt or kick a long field goal at all. I sure would like to see him find some middle ground their. For the sake of my sanity and health.

    Even though we lost last night, and I don't think anyone who is being honest with themselves thought, we would win. I was very impressed with the attitude the team brought in all 4 quarters. The D-line is MUCH MUCH STRONGER, this year, and these kids never folded under the pressure. This team is leaps and bounds better than what we were last year at this time. It's the youth that is hurting us right now. But playing these types of games is going to really help us. Once we hit the big 12. Outside of OU, ASU is as good as any team we are going to see in the Big 12 this year, and last night showed me have a good chance to make the Big 12 North a very interesting race this year.
  2. Clean Undies

    Clean Undies Flagship of the 12-Pac Club Member

    Jun 3, 2007
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    With a title on the thread like this one, I wasn't sure what to expect. Maybe a candy coated laundary list that includes moral victories. I bolded what I'm also proud to see.

    The comment about how, "Hawkins is going to kill me with a heart attack" is what sticks.

    In adding to the list, I'm proud of the Buffs to go into Sun Devil stadium against a team that is now 18-3 over the last decade in August/September games and punch them in the mouth 14-0 in the first quarter.

    I'm proud that Dizon and Wheatly continue to show grit and make key plays. The Defense showed promise until the heat got to them.

    I'm proud of our special teams. The return yards have been good. The punting game and Eberhart's kicking game have been solid.

    Last week I was proud of Cody and the WR's for a solid first half of pitch and catch, plus some intangibles like solid clock management.

    I'm proud of our young guys comming out to play. The mistakes they are making are correctable with enough reps.

    In my heart, I'm proud of the coaching staff and the program for not giving B-Jax, Gates, and Sipili an easy pass just to get more playmakers on the field. I'm also glad that J-fly and Charles are being given an opportunity to heal before going into battle. We could use these players in the short term. But Hawkins is all about the bigger picture. I can respect that.

    When CU puts all the pieces together on the same day, those riverboat gambles will make more sense. That OU-Boise Fiesta Bowl is the bar that is set. Hawkins is all about putting the team in a position to win. When the fake punt or forth and long attempt fail, it's usually at a point where CU needs something special to stay in the game. When the players don't execute, its on them as much as the coaches.

    I'm also proud that CU invited Michael Knorps, the freshman who was assaulted at the UMC, to join the Buffs in the locker room prior to the RMS. I saw a piece about how the players were over at the dorms helping the freshmen move in. I like how Bohn and company are generating positive stories like this. I like how CU's tradition is going to be on display, including more prominance in displaying how many CU players are in the NFL.

    The team is really playing like a team, win or lose. In the end, that is what I'm most proud to see. Shoulder to Shoulder.

    Take care of that heart, chilly.
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  3. ladyblaise

    ladyblaise Club Member Club Member

    Jul 10, 2005
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    i think that we are knocking on the door. last night was a disaster game. if we could have held the ball for those two for sure easy-catch td receptions (rather than the incompletes) and the several 1st down balls, then this game would have taken a whole new dimension.

    i am proud of the strides the buffs are talking. again, even though we met with speed that we do not yet have, we are avoiding the barnett-esque shameful beatdowns.

    i am damned excited to hit the road and see my buffs these next few weeks! now if SOMEONE can mail me my effing white jersey so i can represent at away games, all will be well!

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