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Quick Post: the Pac-12 is staying the Pac-12!

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Sep 20, 2011.

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    The SWC hordes have retreated! Larry Scott remains El Jeffe! The Pac-12 is still an economical 12-Pac!

    I hope the rest of Buff Nation is as jubilant as I am, because this is fantastic news. A vote on the future of the conference tonight came down decidedly opposed to any of the varied expansion proposals that had been bandied about. While I'm sure CU was decidedly against any expansion scenarios, I'd be interested to see who else made up the "overwhelming support" in favor of remaining a 12-team league.

    While it's probably true that this is just a temporary bump on the road towards a western super-conference, it's important that the Pac-12 enter into the new era on it's terms. If Texas, or for that matter any other school, can't come to grips with who holds the power in negotiations, then they can take a hike. It's El Jeffe's way or the highway!

    For CU, this means more time to solidify it's position and relationships within the new conference, while staying in a schedule model that includes yearly games in Los Angeles. For the Big XII, this probably means a few more years of existence before the executioners axe falls.

    Yet another Buffalo victory in the expansion wars![​IMG]


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