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RIP Jim!


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Sad News!

I am sorry to report that our beloved Amigo Jim “The Cruise” Anchower passed away today. Jim was taken from the world in a sad and an unfortunate accident. According to police reports, he combined several drugs (including THC, Opioids, LSD, and Cheetos) that resulted in him passing out in his basement, and then he was unceremoniously consumed by rats, the report was confirmed by the county coroner. Coroner, Alfonzo Palazzo, was quoted as saying “Those rats love Cheetos, we see this all the time”.

Jim was a carefree soul, who loved life and his favorite team the Colorado Buffaloes. He had hoped for many years that his team would once again join the upper ranks of college football, only to hear this week that an aging Ralphie would never run again, it was apparently too much for him to bare!

Authorities could not find any living kin, but he is survived by his friends: PJ, Sqewee, Doper J, SinkRatz, and The Dude.

There will not be a memorial service, but in a handwritten note he asked that you raise a hand, joint, and voice for the “Cruise” at the WU game, and cheer the buffs on to victory!

RIP Amigo!

Jim “the cruise” Anchower 1985-2019


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If I remember correctly, the real Jim Anchower was a Wisconsin fan. In any case, it was a valiant effort on your part that I enjoyed.