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SI Article - Positive on the Buffs

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by Idot Buff, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Idot Buff

    Idot Buff Guest

  2. BehindEnemyLines

    BehindEnemyLines beware the habu Club Member

    Oct 18, 2007
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    Nice find. Really hope our D finds 3 things: a pass rush from the front; play-making abilities at LB; and a couple of CB's to step up and take TWheat and Burney's place.

    This year we'll find out how good our defensive coaches are - the D needs to keep us in games.
  3. 87Buffster

    87Buffster Member

    Feb 21, 2008
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    The optimism for the offense is what the article is about, and that is warranted. I was impressed with the step forward we should take on the offensive line and in the passing game, after seeing what we have installed as of the spring game.

    I am stoked to see how quickly Darell Scott and the other new recruits make an impact.

    One guy that did some impressive things in spring ball was walk on Jason Espinoza. He had a couple amazing punt return plays in terms of making guys miss. He was moved from defensive back to wide receiver, and he won the Offensive Scout Award this spring (voted on by the players). Interested to see if he makes a showing this fall. Love it when a walk on comes on and makes an impact.

    Back to the SI article, I don't agree with the comment that the defense "absolutely tanked at the end of last season." The defense was streaky, kind of like the offense. We usually did better stopping the run, and had problems against the pass. In fact, I think if Oklahoma had switched to a pass attack strategy, they would have beat us. I remember being thankful in that game that they kept trying to run it at us, and we kept shutting them down.

    We were inconsistent all season. We did great on D against Florida State and Oklahoma, but gave up more yards than we earned on offense even in the first half of the season against teams like Colorado State and Baylor. It isn't like the D was great then fell apart late, is my point.

    I am guardedly optimistic on D for 2008, actually. Partly because of the conditioning progress, and partly because of young and returning guys on the defensive front and at linebacker.

    Also, Jalil Brown is another other up and coming guy I anticipate will start making an impact in the backfield. He was our top rated special teams player last year as a freshman, and he should get significantly more time this year at DB.

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