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State of Affairs

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by Stampede, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Stampede

    Stampede Member

    Feb 1, 2008
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    Buff Lovers,

    I haven't posted often, or for a while, but I'm as die hard Buff fan as any. My loyalty runs deeper than many (native Coloradan, family has been professors, multiple family members are Grads - me included) but it has taken me almost a week to watch the game. I followed the actual game on my phone and quickly cancelled plans to watch it when the score read 35-0 at halftime. 6 Coors and 5 days later I finally mustered the strength to watch the slaughter - albeit only through the first quarter. Defensively, our safeties and linebackers were consistently out of position and overzealous to make plays. The last play of the 1Q had me screaming at the TV as our safety took out its brethren (both would have made the tackle BTW). Offensively, we were extremely predictable. 3rd and 4-6 yards our goal was to pass the ball even though we placed a RB in the backfield - we didn't play action at all. Bienemy, I love you man, but a simple, quickly play action that freezes the linebackers is like milk....it does a body good. Mr. Brown, you and your father are Buffs for life and I want to keep it that way but you MUST talk to your Db's and LB's and preach containment over "big hits". Talent wise, I see no difference compared to past teams but my hope is the freshman and sophomores will grow to be beasts, not mortal men. However, hope is not a plan, and I fear my Buffs are just the same as the old buffs.

    Forgive me for jumping around, but I'm up to 8 Coors by now and amalgamating the past years thoughts into my post has proven difficult to stay on point. While sparing you the details (which took another Coors to ponder) my greatest fear is the Buffs will never return to prominence. What more can a Buff supporter say….

  2. BuffaloChuck

    BuffaloChuck Member

    Oct 14, 2009
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    The fantasy world that ESPN's big hits has created is a horror to the real game of football. Wrap 'em up, drop 'em where they stand. And puh-leeze, stop wasting energy on those wussy after-play dances. Leave that to the 4-year-old girls. Or pull on yer tutu's and pirouette all you want.

    But seeing our tacklers knock each other out - that comes from one player believing he shouldn't trust the other player's tackling ability. Was it a lesson correctly learned thru practices? Or was the errant direction taken to the ball-carrier due to poor practices?

    Something is NOT being coached properly and these players were tops in high-school - so what's happened in their skill level upon arrival here?
  3. MtnBuff

    MtnBuff Not allowed in Barzil 2 Club Member

    Jan 11, 2008
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    It'll never happen but I'd love for these guys to watch some film of players like Randy Gradishar tackling. He made some huge hits in short yardage but outside of that everything was textbook form tackles, if he got to you, you were going down. For the DBs show them tapes of Dick Anderson in a Buff uniform, there are a number of others as well from various positions. They didn't make the highlight films with spectacular hits but they also weren't the guys lying there after missing the tackle on the big play.
  4. SuperiorBuff

    SuperiorBuff Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2005
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    Just have them watch the Broncos. Champ Bailey is as good as it gets. He doesn't knock anyone out, but hardly ever misses a tackle.

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