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Sue Sharkey - University of Colorado Regent - 4th Congressional District

Discussion in 'University of Colorado Elected Officials and Polit' started by dio, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Sue Sharkey


    Phone: 970.673.2517
    Email: Sue.Sharkey@cu.edu

    Education: None

    Job: Regent

    Term: 2011 - 2017

    INCUMBENT - University of Colorado Regent - 4th Congressional District (R)

    Bio: Sue was raised in a military family and has lived in Taiwan, Germany, Washington DC, and other locales. Her father retired in Colorado while she was in high school, and since then she has lived along the Front Range in El Paso, Douglas, and Larimer counties.

    She gained her early work experience in her parent's retail store in Colorado Springs, eventually taking over management of the store. Later the business was sold, and Sue went to work for the investigative division of the El Paso County District Attorney's Office. Later she pursued a career in marketing and public relations within the banking industry.

    Sue us currently the Vice Chair for the Board of Regents, and she also serves on the capital construction subcommittee and is the regent representative to the CU Foundation Board.

    Two of her three children graduated from the University of Colorado, and she is on the board of the CU Parents Association.

    Effects on Athletics:

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