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The Big 12 North versus Big 12 South

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Dec 20, 2010.

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    By David Ubben

    [​IMG]Like it or not, the Big 12 will be without divisions after 2010, no matter how many legends or leaders made their mark in the league's short history as a two-part conference.

    Over that history, the South has been dominant with a pair of national powers, Texas and Oklahoma who were consistently racking up big win totals over the last decade while the North has, more often than not, sent a significantly less impressive team to the title game. That's measurable in plenty of ways, but I'll settle for the 11-4 advantage in the championship game and a 13-4 advantage in BCS bowl game appearances.

    But what about this year? The South is clearly the deeper division when you talk total teams, but then I got this e-mail, which got me wondering:

    John in Omaha, Neb., wrote: Bored at work, thought I'd give you a blog topic idea. If you had to pick two all star teams, one made entirely of B12 north players at each position and then a B12 south all star team at each position and then had them play a game. Who would win and who would be the players. Off the top of my head I'd say the south would but I bet it's pretty close once you break it down player by player.

    My interest was piqued. We know what the All-Big 12 team looks like, but what if you broke it down by division? For reference, my All-Big 12 team had 11 players from the North and 15 from the South.

    Here are my picks, when broken down by division:

    Big 12 South

    QB: Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State
    RB: Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State; DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma
    WR: Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State; Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma
    TE/FB: Bryant Ward, Oklahoma State
    OL: Levy Adcock, Oklahoma State; Danny Watkins, Baylor; Eric Mensik, Oklahoma; Matt Allen, Texas A&M, Lonnie Edwards, Texas Tech

    DL: Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma; Lucas Patterson, Texas A&M; Colby Whitlock, Texas Tech; Sam Acho, Texas
    LB: Von Miller, Texas A&M; Orie Lemon, Oklahoma State; Travis Lewis, Oklahoma
    CB: Andrew McGee, Oklahoma State; Jamell Fleming, Oklahoma
    S: Quinton Carter, Oklahoma; Byron Landor, Baylor

    K: Dan Bailey, Oklahoma State
    P: Quinn Sharp, Oklahoma State
    KR: Coryell Judie, Texas A&M
    PR: Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma

    Big 12 North

    QB: Blaine Gabbert, Missouri
    RB: Rodney Stewart, Colorado, Daniel Thomas, Kansas State
    WR: T.J. Moe, Missouri; Scotty McKnight, Colorado
    TE/FB: Michael Egnew, Missouri
    OL: Nate Solder, Colorado; Ricky Henry, Nebraska; Tim Barnes, Missouri; Zach Kendall, Kansas State, Ben Lamaak, Iowa State

    DL: Jared Crick, Nebraska; Aldon Smith, Missouri; Brad Madison, Missouri; Pierre Allen, Nebraska
    LB: Lavonte David, Nebraska; Andrew Gachkar, Missouri; Jake Knott, Iowa State
    CB: Prince Amukamara, Nebraska; Alfonzo Dennard, Nebraska
    S: Eric Hagg, Nebraska; Ty Zimmerman, Kansas State

    K: Alex Henery, Nebraska
    P: Alex Henery, Nebraska
    KR: William Powell, Kansas State
    PR: Niles Paul, Nebraska

    So, there are my teams. I'll offer some further observations, plus my pick in a post Tuesday. But for now ... who you got?

    Originally posted by ESPN.com - Big 12 Blog
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