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The good, bad and ugly from todays game...

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by buff190, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. buff190

    buff190 Club Member Club Member

    Sep 29, 2005
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    I know most of this stuff has been discussed already but I kind of like lists so here is the list of my impressions from today...

    The Good
    1. The WIN!!! Most important stat. I don't take these wins for granted anymore. Big!

    2. Rush Defense - I'm surprised CSU got 78 yds rushing. Seems they were stuffed at the LOS every time they tried to run. D-line and LB's were Very good here!!!

    3. FG's - 1 attempt, 1 made :) whew!

    4. Receivers - Looked fast and were productive today. Patterson, Mcnight, Clemons and even Cefalo. Would have liked some more receptions downfield but was that TH or rcvrs or OC???

    5. Turn overs - we won this battle. something that didn't happen many times last season

    6. DB's - Made some impressive INT's and some big hits. If it wasn't for these guys, the lack of pass rush could have REALLY hurt

    7. Rodney Stewart - I love this kid! Yeah, we didn't have that many rushing yds but Stewart in open space is a joy to watch!!!

    The Bad
    1. Pass rush - The Buffs gave the frosh WAY too much time to stand back there and find his rcvrs. I think a more experienced QB would have made CU pay for this more than CSU did. Thomas went 24-33. Granted many were quick, short passes but when he did go down field with the ball he had too much time in my opinion.

    2. Tyler Hanson - I know, many of you might argue with this one but he did not impress me. It seemed like he took too long to make his reads. His scrambling ability helped him here but that was troubling. Also, he threw too many passes behind his rcvrs. Sure several were still catchable but still, you slow the rcvr down, make it harder to catch and its more susceptible to being intercepted.

    3. Killer instinct - seemed like CU went conservative too early. A couple mistakes and CSU is right back in the game. I would have like more of a killer instinct in the second half. So again, unimpressed.

    The Ugly
    1. PENALTIES - oh my god!!!!

    2. PENALTIES - holy s***

    3. PENALTIES - holy f***ing s***!!!!!

    4. CSU fans - their side was half empty. Wasn't quite as fun with the half empty stadium

    5. Commercials and stadium played Music during breaks - If it wasn't for the Buffs penalties this would have been my biggest ugly!!! Sucked the college atmosphere right out of the game. I didn't get to sing the CU fight song ONCE during this game and I usually get to sing that thing 20 times win or lose in Folsom. The stupid music and commercials really pissed me off today!!!!! I love listening to the band and the students be load and proud and todays event felt more like a bad pro football game.

    other notes
    O-line was better than last season but still, WE CAN'T GAIN A F***ING YD WHEN WE NEED IT!!!

    I don't know if this team beats Cal next week. With Hawks record on the road and this lack luster performance, I'm not counting on it but I did see enough good to still hold out hope!

  2. CUSailor

    CUSailor Member

    Aug 23, 2007
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    The ugly was Todd Christensen in the booth! He is an idot. I just watched the second half again on AFN and he said Pete Thomas' mother was a sprinter at SDSU and his father played QB there as well. Except that describes Tyler Hansen's parents. He related every play to a time when he was playing...just annoying.
  3. dcbuffman

    dcbuffman Member

    Sep 30, 2009
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    The missing: involvement of the tight ends in the passing game. Did EK hold that back?

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