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The "How is player X doing this summer" thread

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by Buff_since76, Jul 15, 2010.

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    Apr 9, 2009
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    I know at the end of spring we had a few players, and some potential key players, with injuries and other issues. A lot has happened since the end of spring, but we haven’t received much info on players. Instead of having one thread for each player I figured I would combine the names into one list. These are the players I can think of, please add others that I may have left off

    Ryan Miller – he had a broken arm. Has it healed well, and has he been able to lift and build strength back into the arm?

    Bryce Givens – held out for academic/other reasons. How are his health, his weight, his strength, and his grade?

    Matt Bahr – I know he was injured, but I don’t remember from what. Is he OK?

    Max Tuioti-Mariner – as discussed before, how are his knees? Does he need another season to practice and build strength in his legs?

    Soine Tau – Needed to get in shape and become academically eligible. Any word on how he is doing?

    Speedy Stewart – Had injury issues this past spring. Are his hamstrings OK? Is he ready to have another 160+ carries in the season?

    Nate Bonsu – Had a knee injury that required a little surgery. How is he recovering and is he going to play or red shirt?

    Terdema Ussery – Is he back on campus? Is he staying at WR or moving to DB? Will he be academically eligible?

    Andre Simmons – What are the chances that his academic issues get cleared before camp starts?

    If you have any information regarding the players health, or other factors please let us know.

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