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Tracking the division races: Week 10

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Nov 1, 2010.

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    1. Nebraska (3-1)

    2. Missouri (3-1)

    3. Iowa State (3-2)

    4. Kansas State (2-3)

    T-5. Colorado (0-4)

    T-5. Kansas (0-4)
    • Nebraska obviously took control of the division this week, but guess who else controls their destiny after Missouri's loss? Oh, yes, those sneaky Cyclones up at Iowa State. I hope you packed a parka Huskers and Tigers, because the road to Arlington takes a November detour North to Ames. Nebraska's up first, trekking to Jack Trice Stadium to face the four-loss Cyclones. Missouri will follow suit in two weeks. Do I think Iowa State will win either game? Well, no. This is the same team with 41- and 52-point losses on its report card, but it'll get to play them, and two wins, plus another against Colorado would make it the North champions. The Cyclones will decide how close they get to making a shocking appearance as the North representative in the title game. Nebraska's still the safe pick to win the division, but it's not done earning it just yet.

    1. Baylor (4-1)

    T-2. Oklahoma (3-1)

    T-2. Oklahoma State (3-1)

    4. Texas A&M (2-2)

    5. Texas (2-3)

    6. Texas Tech (2-4)
    • Oklahoma State and Oklahoma took care of business on Saturday, but Baylor was once again the toast of the division after another benchmark win, beating Texas in Austin for the first time since 1991 and the first time anywhere since 1997. Like I said last night, that's not necessarily something to hang your hat on, but Baylor clearly looked like the better team. Is Baylor a better team than Oklahoma State or Oklahoma? Well, I feel pretty confident the answer to that question is no. Is Baylor capable of beating either team with a good performance? Definitely.
    • Baylor is much more of a contender in the South than Iowa State is in the North, but just like the Cyclones, if either Oklahoma or Oklahoma State want this division, they're going to have to beat the Bears to get it.


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