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Travis Hunter Appreciation Thread

So lacerated livers are surprisingly common injuries (particularly in children). As pointed out, Googling indicates that 2-4 months of treatment, rest, etc. is typical. Four weeks would be a quick recovery time. Of course, he is young and in amazing shape so that could have something to do with the expected time of recovery (as well as size of laceration, etc).

If he was my kid, I'd be LIVID and demanding consequences at #11.

I wish him the best on his recovery.

And that Blackburn suffers a similar injury next week. Yes, I don't like wishing an injury on any kid, but this was ****ing purposeful and karma should pay that muther****er back.

I'd be happy with every dog he ever owns getting hit by a truck after a year or two, after he really gets attached to it.

I don't really mean that. The poor dogs.
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I would love to see a video of Prime and Peggy visiting Travis while he’s hurt and also an expose on the “complicated” Blackburn info. We have the media clout to drive the bus on all the narratives. Then public pressure could crack CSU
Bet he’s back v UCLA. Thatd be 4 games plus bye missed. Ouch.How return will all depend on the severity of the laceration
So his return will certainly depend on the severity of the laceration. The fact that he was released yesterday, less than 24hrs after the injury is very reassuring and likely indicates it was a mild laceration. Larger lacerations require either longer hospitalization/observation and/or procedures to stop bleeding (ie embolization or open surgery). Typical return to full activity is on the order of months, not weeks. The problem with these injuries is capsule of the liver gets disrupted and needs time to completely heal. Without proper healing, re-injury can result in catastrophic bleeding. This is the type of injury you see with blunt trauma like car accidents and bad falls.