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Tremblay Leads CU In Final Day At Potts Invite

Discussion in 'University of Colorado News and Olympic Sports' started by cmgoods, Jan 19, 2013.

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    Senior Liz Tremblay

    Photo Courtesy: CUBuffs.com
    Tremblay Leads CU In Final Day At Potts Invite

    Release: 01/19/2013 Courtesy: Linda Sprouse, Assistant SID

    BOULDER - The 2013 track and field season is off and running and the University of Colorado had several great performances at its own Potts Indoor Invitational on Saturday.

    Senior Liz Tremblay won the 600-yard run with the second fastest time in CU history; finishing in 1 minute, 23.49 seconds. The time was over six seconds faster than her closest competitor, UCCS's Alexa Urban, who finished in 1:29.51. The time is the fastest for the Buffs in the last two years and ranks second to Lee Ballenger's time of 1:21.60 from 1979.

    "Her training is going well; she is in pretty good condition," head coach Mark Wetmore said. "This is her first indoor meet of the season. We hoped for 1:24 but she did better than that. She did it a hard way, she started out hard and then was hanging on in the end. It was a dominant looking race. Out of the whole weekend, if I had to pick a race that looked the best, I think it was probably Liz's race."

    Brianne Beemer raced to a first-place finish in the 60-meter hurdles, crossing the finish with a personal best of 8.83 seconds. She was the only racer to finish in less than nine seconds. Abrianna Torres and Gwen Ricco were just behind her, placing third and fourth, respectively. Both finished in 9.09 but Torres has the slight advantage at the finish. Torres also earned a top-three finish in the women's long jump, jumping 18-05.25 later in the day.

    "We think of Bri as a multi-event person, secondarily as a 400-meter-hurdler and maybe third as an 800-meter runner; none of us think of her as a short indoor hurdler, yet today, she ran the 60-hurdles and not only won the race but earned her PR," Wetmore said. "I think when she gets to her main event the pentathlon indoors; she will have a break out year."

    The Buffs did well in the men's 800-meter run; placing first and second. Matt Biegner took top honors, finishing in 1:54.27. His teammate, Connor Winter, was the runner-up with a time of 1:55.11. Biegner had control of the race from the beginning; but Winter kept right with him until the final 200 meters when Biegner was able to open up a five meter lead to hold on for the win.

    "Matthew Biegner and Connor Winter both had nice performances in their first races of the season," Wetmore said. "The interesting thing to me is that the NCAA gives an adjustment for the elevation and then an adjustment for the track being flat. By Monday when the official times come out, the list will be almost two seconds faster. So these are very good times for those guys. They were both a little bit rusty but trained hard all this week. "

    Mark Jones had another good day for the Buffs after winning the high jump on Friday afternoon. Jones placed third overall in the long jump, leaping 21-11.75 on his second jump of the day. He finished just a little over a foot behind James Douglas, who recorded a mark of 23-00.50 to win the long jump.

    Shaw Gifford also had a nice performance for CU in the 60, placing fourth in the finals with a time of 6.92. The time is just shy his personal best (6.89) and ties his performance from last week at the Air Force Academy.

    "6.92 is nearly his best," Wetmore explained, "I think he will go faster than that in the upcoming events he has indoors. He is coming around nicely; we absolutely have two legs of a very nice 4x4 relay, or 4x100 for outdoors."

    Many members of CU's squad did not compete at the meet, but just about everyone will be in action next weekend as CU has a pair of competitions scheduled. They will compete at the UW Invite in Seattle, Wash., Jan. 25-26, and the Air Force Invitational Jan. 24-26.

    Balch Fieldhouse (Boulder, Colo.)
    (Complete results are available at CUBuffs.com)

    Field Events - CU Athletes only

    Women's Weight Throw: (1. Shreese Daniels, Wyoming, 61-10.50); 14. Kajsa Banks, 38-11.50

    Men's Weight Throw: (1. Jake Schneeberger, CSU, 60-09.25); 9. Cameron Hutchins, 51-09.25

    Women's Shot Put: (1. Kiah Hicks, CSU, 48-10); 6. Holly Odneal, 39-04; 8. Abrianna Torres, 39-01.25; 9. Kajsa Bank, 38-10.50; 10. Genny Mayden, 37-06.50; 14. Brianne Beemer, 34-05.75; 15 Gwen Ricco, 33-04.75

    Men's Shot Put: (1. Mason Finley, unattached, 63-11); 8. Brady Rutt, 46-6; 14. Jason DeWitt, 39-10.75; 15. Brock Emory, 35-10.50

    Women's Long Jump: (1. LaKadron Ivery, unattached, 19-7.50); 3. Abrianna Torres, 18-5.25; 6. Genny Mayden, 17-0.75; 7. Brianne Beemer, 16-10.75; 8. Gwen Ricco, 16-9.25

    Men's Long Jump: (1. James Douglas, unattached, 23-0.50); 3. Mark Jones, 21-11.75

    Women's Triple Jump: (1. Kayla Johnson, CSM, 36-2); no CU athletes

    Men's Triple Jump: (1. Trey Richardson, CSU, 46-4); no CU athletes

    Track Events - CU Athletes only

    Men's 60 Meter Dash (Prelims): (1. Jeremy Rankin, unattached, 6.73); 7. Shaw Gifford, 7.00; 17. Jason DeWitt, 7.39; 21. Brock Emory, 7.52

    Men's 60 Meter Dash (Finals): (1. Jeremy Rankin, unattached, 6.67); 4. Shaw Gifford, 6.92

    Women's 60 Meter Dash (Prelims): (1. LaKadron Ivery, unattached, 7.91); no CU athletes

    Women's 60-Meter Dash (Finals): (1. LaKadron Ivery, unattached, 7.81); no CU athletes

    Men's Mile Run: (1.Drew Kerschieter, unattached, 4:30.47); no CU athletes

    Women's Mile Run: (1. Chloe Gustafson, CSM, 5:14.04); no CU athletes

    Men's 60 Meter Hurdles: (1. Kelby Dias, CSU, 8.11); 4. Jason DeWitt, 8.40; 6. Brock Emory, 8.52

    Women's 60 Meter Hurdles: 1. Brianne Beemer, 8.83; 3. Abrianna Torres, 9.09; 4. Gwen Ricco, 9.09; 7. Holly Odneal, 9.20; 8. Genny Mayden, 9.25

    Men's 400 Meter Dash: (1. Jesse Haas, unattached, 52.61); no CU athletes

    Women's 400 Meter Dash: (1. Lainey Nash, unattached, 1:00.04); no CU athletes

    Men's 600 Yard Run: (1. Alan Ford, UCCS, 1:15.63); no CU athletes

    Women's 600 Yard Run: 1. Elizabeth Tremblay, 1:23.49

    Men's 800 Meter Run: 1. Matthew Biegner, 1:54.27; 2. Connor Winter, 1:55.11

    Women's 800 Meter Run: (1. Hannah Schuster, CSM, 2:18.08); no CU athletes

    Men's 200 Meter Dash: (1. Nahum Kisner, unattached, 24.30); no CU athletes

    Women's 200 Meter Dash: (1. Ruth Waller, unattached, 28.99); no CU athletes

    Men's 3000 Meter Run: (1. Michael Nelson, unattached, 9:08.20); no CU athletes

    Women's 3000 Meter Run: (1. Hannah Cooling, CSM, 10:45.42); no CU athletes

    Men's 4x400 Relay: (1. UCCS A, 3:28.97); no CU athletes

    Women's 4x400 Relay: (1. UCCS A, 4:13.04); no CU athletes

    from cubuffs.com

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