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USC Preview: Always remember to use protection

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Nov 3, 2011.

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    .... I really like the senior leadership on this team. *Nate Tomlinson and Austin Dufault have been around for four years now, and... *Wait, football, got it. *Sorry, I'm still decompressing from my massive basketball preview.

    To the matter at hand: the annual blackout game is upon us. *We may not have created that tradition, but the CU fanbase has done a pretty good job making it our own. *Ever since the '07 night game against Florida State, one night game per year has been designated the "Blackout Game," allowing the University to get some value out of those lights it installed in Folsom, while affording the fans a unique and intense venue to watch football. *I love the tradition, and hope that it continues long into the future.

    Despite stumbling in that first blackout evening affair with FSU, the Buffs have played good football under the lights, winning in '08 over West Virginia and last season over Georgia. *I don't know why there wasn't one in '09 (I blame Dan Hawkins), but CU carries a 2-game win streak when the crowd gets their Johnny Cash on.

    Folsom, by itself, is an*awesome*stadium, but under the lights, with everyone decked in black, it's intimidating and spectacular. *There's a sense of*grandeur*that surpasses what would be normally be expected, and I'm thrilled that us fans can do our part to set the stage for great football.

    All the better, CU will apparently once again don the all-black uniform combination for tomorrows game. *I love the all-black combo with a burning passion that knows no end; this was the color scheme that dropped the Huskers 62-36, afterall. *Still, I happen to know AD director Mike Bohn hates the combination, so I'm surprised, and pleased, to see the all-blacks back in play. **cues AC/DC's back in black*

    Anyways, as always for the blackout... **** 'EM UP, **** 'EM UP, WEAR BLACK!


    Tell the boss you're leaving work early, cause there's some serious tailgaiting to do as the sun slips behind the Flatirons. *Kickoff is set for 7pm on Friday night. *It's supposed to be damn cold so wear some thermals under all that black you throw on. *If you can't make it up to Folsom, you can turn to, of all things, ESPN 3D to check out the action. *If you haven't yet bought into that bull**** 3D fad, then you can check out the game on ESPN, regular flavor.

    Click below for my preview...

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