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Utah and Colorado don't enter as equals

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Jun 21, 2010.

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    [​IMG]Colorado was invited to become an immediate full-revenue sharing partner in the Pac-10. Utah was not.

    Utah, which will join the Pac-10 in 2011,*agreed to a three-year timetable before it earns a full-revenue share.

    "Our conference has a long-standing policy of equal revenue sharing with some exceptions for football television revenue," Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott said.*"We intend to keep that concept in place. There may be some changes as things evolve. The principals will stay in place. The arrangement worked out is that Utah will become a full member of the conference over a period of three years in regards to revenue sharing."

    That means the Utes will get a full share in 2014-15.

    As for Colorado, it negotiated for an immediate full share of revenue upon leaving the Big 12. But there could be a complication. That negotiation had Colorado joining the Pac-10 before the 2012-13 academic year, the first year of a new media contract. Colorado now is considering joining the Pac-10 in 2011, just*like Utah.

    "There is an open question about the date that Colorado will come in," Scott said.*"When we made the announcement it was 2012, but when all the dust settles there is a possibility the timetable will move up to 2011 to start with Utah. When they start in 2012 they will start as a full member in regards to revenue sharing, but if they start earlier we will have to discuss that."

    The reason for this*is simple. Utah's revenue equity coming from the Mountain West Conference is significantly less than Colorado's revenue equity coming from the Big 12. By 2014-15, a full share for Utah could be more than 10 times the $1.2 million in*TV revenue*it was collecting*in the MWC.


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