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Utah Preview: A new kind of hate

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Nov 23, 2011.

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    Apparently the geniuses in the respective marketing departments from CU and Utah have decided to name the renewed rivalry between the schools as "The Rumble in the Rockies."* Why the hell did they have to go and do that?* We never seemed to require a faked-up PR name to give the CU-Nebraska rivalry some juice.* Is there going to be some lame trophy with a rock on it?* Just give me clean, old-fashioned, nameless hate.* That'll do more for a rivalry than any name.

    The rivalry with Utah (yes, there is a rivalry... look, Wikipedia page!) is one of great historical significance for both schools.* Even the breakup of the old RMAC couldn't keep these rivals apart as they played nearly every year between 1903 and 1962. *Coaches careers were*defined*by this game, players, like Byron White, made names for themselves by superlative performances against the hated rivals to the west. *This was the*rivalry in the region for the first half of the 20th Century; a history major like myself can't look past*something*like that.

    Yes, the Utes are a poor substitute for Nebraska, both in program quality and my ability to hate them, but I'd rather go after someone with whom the school has history than just point at USC or UCLA and give them the stink-eye.* While that is what Coach Mac did with the Huskers back in the early 80s, that rivalry wasn't set in stone until the Huskers hung that celebratory "Sal's dead, Go Big Red" sign up on I-80.* Hate, history; these are what creates a lasting rivalry.* With Utah we're halfway there.* With everyone else in the Pac-12, it's searching for both.

    **** Utah

    (I wrote about this in greater detail during a brief stint writing for the Ralphie Report.)


    The season comes to a close on Friday. *Wake up from your food coma, crack open the leftovers, and tune the channel to ROOT Sports, where*the*Buffs will kick off against the Utes at 1:30. *It's my one and only*road trip*of the year, and, even if the team is awful, I'm still looking forward to a fight in enemy territory.

    Click below for the preview...

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