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What's up for this offseason? Next year? Good article.

Discussion in 'Colorado Basketball Message Board' started by Buffnik, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Buffnik

    Buffnik Real name isn't Nik Club Member Junta Member

    Mar 20, 2009
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    Bzdelik to look for missing pieces

    "I know coach is going to get a big man in here who can bang and rebound," Thorne said. "They'll have all their scoring back and some depth. They'll have all the things we had this year, plus hopefully a guy who can come in and average 10 points, eight rebounds and be a presence on the block."

    When asked about getting a contract extension done this offseason, Bzdelik responded this way:

    "That's now for me to decide. Right now I just want to find a big man."

    The spring signing period begins April 14.
  2. BupsJones

    BupsJones Active Member

    Mar 9, 2010
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    As good as we were at times and with all of the key components coming back, this is the Big 12...the best basketball conference in the NCAA. Winning 20 should be a goal, and making the tournament another. I know the recruits are coming, but the schedule has to be strong and we have to win on the road.
  3. GoBuffs!!

    GoBuffs!! Active Member

    Apr 1, 2010
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    Win 20 games while being in the Big 12, we should be a lock for a tournament team, not to mention the rumors I hear about how BZ is finding some big time teams to play pre-season
  4. buffs04

    buffs04 Well-Known Member

    Oct 5, 2008
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    I have seen Burks getting a lot of love from some national media and NBA scouts.

    With two potential NBA players on the roster, I would hope we can put together a tourney appearance.
  5. tante

    tante Club Member Club Member

    Jul 21, 2009
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    I really don't think Higgins will be an NBA player, his best offense move is mid-range pull up jumper and his 3 pointer come out really flat. He is decent around the basket at the college level, but will be absolutely crushed around the rim at the next level. I really see him being a good overseas player, but that is about as far as he will go.

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