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Wrapping up the Thursday chat

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Nov 3, 2011.

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    By Ted Miller

    [​IMG]Sure none of you missed the Pac-12 blog's Thursday chat, but if you did -- or just want to relieve it -- here are some highlights.

    You can view the entire transcript here.

    mike (Salt Lake City) Do you think if Utah can win 3 of these next 4 after all the problems this year that would be considered a successful season? Ist year in the PAC and all.

    Ted Miller (3:02 PM) Seven wins with your backup QB? Heck yeah that would be a good season. And winning 3 of 4 certainly seems possible if the Utes play like they did against Oregon State, most particularly protecting the football.

    robert (Puyallup, WA) who has more rushing yards this weekend? Polk or James?

    Ted Miller (3:03 PM) I'd say Polk... the question though is does Polk have 120, James 110... and the Ducks 288?

    sam (northcarolina) do you think beavers vs stanford is a upset game?

    Ted Miller (3:04 PM) I don't... having a QB like Luck, who's a mature, grounded leader should help. But I probably would have typed that if you'd asked before USC visited Oregon State in 2008 with the best team in the nation.

    Jay (Washington) If Stanford were to win the Pac 12 and get an opportunity to play for the national championship, are they physical enough to play with anybody they may face? (Ala, LSU, OK St)

    Ted Miller (3:06 PM)Physical is what Stanford is.... it's more of a question of overall team speed. I'd like Stanford's chances against Oklahoma State... Would not feel as good vs. LSU/Alabama... which can match Stanford in terms of physical play but are faster across the board.

    duckyduck (Portland) Who are the pac-12 north contenders for next year?

    Ted Miller (3:06 PM) You'd think Oregon and Washington would be the top 2, at least based on where we are today.

    Stan (Portland) Any word on Cliff Harris? Is he expected to play Saturday?

    Ted Miller (3:07 PM) no word... not expected to play.

    Brian (Dallas) With Colorado's miserable season how bad will this effect recruiting? I think its tough to get 4 stars in the door when you go 1-12. Your thoughts?

    Ted Miller (3:14 PM) I won't help, but in some cases it's a selling point: "We have immediately playing time in the Pac-12 to offer." Coach Jon Embree will be selling a vision of the future, not the present. It's his job to create a compelling vision.

    Adrian (Encinitas) Who wins the North & South next year?

    Ted Miller (3:19 PM) Got to see who comes back for USC... My lean is Oregon in the North and USC in the South... but here's a darkhorse: Arizona. Lots of guys back, and recall how good Matt Scott was when he replaced an injured Nick Foles.

    Darryl (Oakland, CA) Better college QB? Luck or Aaron Rodgers? Did you see Aaron Rodgers near perfect performance at USC?

    Ted Miller (3:25 PM) Luck... no question. Rodgers had a great -- losing -- game vs. USC. Go compare career numbers, though. And what happened to Rodgers draft status? And the Holiday Bowl loss to Texas Tech? Now, the next question is will Luck be as good an NFL QB as Rodgers? Heck if I know. I'd say yes but there are many variables with that. But as far as a college QB, Luck's wins in a landslide.

    Geezer (Anchorage) Whose fans would you take in a street fight -- UW or Oregon?

    Ted Miller (3:26 PM) Mutually assured destruction.

    Josh (Middle America) Hi Ted, how did the USC-Stanford game effect your opinion of both teams? I feel Stanford isn't as dominate as I thought, but the clutch experience might make them a better team come bowl time...

    Ted Miller (3:31 PM) It elevated USC, slightly lowered Stanford. More than a few folks are questioning Stanford's team speed on defense after a couple of key injuries. It would be very good for the Cardinal to have a healthy Delano Howell when the Ducks come to town. And if the Cardinal slows down Oregon's offense, the skeptics might back off. I still like Stanford as the nation's No. 3 team.

    Preston Hiefield (Eugene) Score Prediction for LSU vs Bama?

    Ted Miller (3:32 PM) 20-17... Alabama.

    Jim (Bremerton, WA) Ted, I'm holding out hope that WSU can win 3 of their last 4 (@Cal, ASU, Utah, @UW) to reach bowl eligibility. Legitimate possibility or just a pipe dream?

    Ted Miller (3:33 PM) I wouldn't bet on it... but none of those are "no way" games, even Arizona State because the game is in Pullman. If the Cougs win at Cal on Saturday, they may gain the confidence to make it happen.

    Morgan (Portland, OR) How long (years) do you think it will take for the Beavers to claw their way back out of the Pac-12 basement?

    Ted Miller (3:40 PM) I'd expect the Beavers to have a winning record next year... lots of young guys taking knocks now who will be better... plus Mannion, Wheaton, Agnew, Crichton, Doctor, Poyer, etc... key will be the O-line... got to get better and it's losing 3 starters.

    Cam (Abroad) Does Stanford have a chance to continue the last couple years of success? Or is this year with Andrew Luck our only shot for another decade?

    Ted Miller (3:41 PM) Stanford should take a step back next year, particularly if DeCastro and Martin join Luck in the draft.... but Stanford has recruited well and has a culture. They'll still be a bowl team in 2012.

    Chip Kelly (Eugene) If Darron starts out struggling against uw, how soon should I put in Bennett?

    Ted Miller (3:54 PM) If those struggles seem directly related to the knee, I'd say quickly... if the knee is 100 percent, I'd have more patience.

    Brad (San Diego) How many yards can Kevin Prince realistically run for against ASU's defense?

    Ted Miller (3:55 PM): If you're asking if he gets 100 again, I'd say no way... ASU is too fast for that.... Franklin and Coleman need to have big days for the Bruins.

    Kelly (WA) Will we see Pete Carroll coaching for a Pac-12 team in the next few yrs?

    Ted Miller (3:55 PM) Maybe... It would be great to get Carroll back in college coaching.

    James (Mt. Vernon, PA) How important is beating Oregon for Andrew Luck's legacy? If he loses, does he not automatically become the best Pac-12 quarterback to never win the division? And if he wins, does he not cement his Heisman and Stanford's shot at a National Title berth? Seems like a lot is on the line, what's your take?

    Ted Miller (4:01 PM) There would be a bit more for a Peyton Manning comparison. Recall how Manning couldn't beat Florida. In terms of his college legacy, and perhaps Heisman chances, Luck needs to beat Oregon.

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