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'17 CO DT Jalen Sami (Signed to COLORADO)


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At the luncheon, Mac said that the kid is all of 6'5 1/2" and 338 lbs. And can dunk a basketball. He's fast and athletic and they think they have a guy they can work with.
It was also mentioned he only went to school there this year, if I heard it correctly.

Eliot also mentioned that the kid actually got a few offers after his OV to CU. Eliot went to visit him first and got there and the kid is running around in the gym and Eliot was impressed with his athleticism.

There's a lot of 6'5" 330lb guys out there, but they can't move. You can see this kid can move on film, doesn't matter about the competition. I assume he will redshirt and need to learn how to play the position.

Jeffcoat talked about just that. They all need to learn to play their position and he then went on to mention Franke, Jackson, Umu and Coleman by name as guys who've been in the system and learned how to play.
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What do the CU coaches think they got with this kid? Can any of You with a more trained eye for talent break this down for me?

Comparing his film to guys like Damion Daniels and Noah Elliss (both top 25 DT’s), it’s obvious both are far more coached up / polished, and played against higher competition level. However, to my untrained eye Sami's size and talent are obvious, I’m not sure who I’d want most of the 3 given they’ll get coached up once on campus.

Hypothetical question, Lets say:
- He gets offers from Ole Miss and CU Spring ’16 instead of Jan. ’17, and sends a few tweets out about it
- He has highlight film out there Jr. or early Sr. season.
- He attends a couple camps
Nothing else different, same player, same results, same raw technique, same school, coach etc.

What kind of recruit would he have been (ESPN grade):
a. The same 2*/NR type. Ole Miss and CU offered late because they were desperate for a DT/NT
b. Lower 3* 70-74 grade. Many D1 offers, probably a few of those lower tier p5 offers.
c. Higher 3* 75-79. Has several p5 school options
d. 4* 80-85. An ESPN300 prospect.
e. 4*-5* 85+ grade. ESPN top 50.
First of all, you should post more.

The answer to your question is what makes college football so great. There are so many intangibles that go into how/why a career turns out the way it does. Coaching, injuries, position, scheme, depth chart, ect.. This guy has many of the intangibles of players rated much higher than him. I'm really excited to see how he does and always root for an in state player and an under the radar guy.


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“For a 6-5, 330-pound kid he changes direction really well. It’s really surprising how well he moves laterally. For a big guy that’s impressive, he’s really agile. … He’s always had someone around his knees and his legs, he’s good at using his hands. He was able to be productive getting double and triple teamed." - Vista Ridge head coach Jerimi Calip on Jalen Sami
Coach's Take: Jalen Sami has untapped potential


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Where did he transfer from? That and his lack of camp attendance are major reasons for his under-the-radar recruitment, IMO.


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I'd think D line would have about the least learning curve of about any position.
Supposedly sumo wrestling really takes a lot of skill, but it looks like two big guys holding each other still. I think NT is the same..lots of balance and body position awareness for leverage.
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Any update on Sami? The kid has been doing a helluva a job.. Felt sick, when he went down.