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'20 CA OT Gerad Lichtenhan (Verbal to COLORADO)


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That's a big boy. Wonder why so few offers, assuming he can move decently at that size
I watched a bit of the film.

Bordering on hysterical his size difference vs most of the competition. Some of those defenders obviously wanted nothing to do with him. I'm no film expert, but I thought he moved pretty well. Still needs to learn more about leverage, etc.

Davis is a bit outside of normal Northern Cali recruiting areas, IIRC, so it may just be not many coaches have stopped through there and instead just head on to Sacramento, which is a much bigger metro area. Someone is free to correct me on that last point as I am not positive.


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I like at this size he still puts his hand in the dirt on pass plays.
His feet look really bad in the first few clips, but seamed to improve throughout the highlights.
Definitely needs some coaching, but you cant coach 6'9" 345!


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Trying to find out more about him since Adam made a Crystal Ball prediction today for him to commit to CU.

Not a lot about him other than various scouts who have seen him saying that he's massive, moves well for his size and is raw.