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'20 TX S Abner Dubar (Signed to Minnesota)


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MN is decent, but they have been decent for awhile. Not like Fleck took over from Embree!
It's actually a similar story to the Buffs.

Tim Brewster practically burned the program down from '07-'10 going 15-30. Jerry Kill took over and brought them back to respectability. Now Fleck is trying to consistently make bowl games, beat rivals, and once in a while compete for championships.

As much as Fleck appears like a sleazy used car salesman at times to me. I'm not his preferred audience. He clearly connects with 17 and 18 years olds.

Hoping that Tucker can pull this out. Dubar has a high ceiling.


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Why do you say that
He’s got more to sell, he’s a better salesman, and he’s working a footprint where he knows how to find talent.

****braska is in the middle of nowhere with a program that’s been down too long to be an elite offer any more, and they have to try to convince national prospects to come. They end up with a lot of problem recruits like Hawkins was recruiting here. Looks good on paper... but.

Then there’s all the politics, pressure and unrealistic expectations on Frost.