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If SDSU has any hope of getting back in they can't miss shots at the rim and they can't keep wasting possessions.

Meanwhile UConn is so good at multiple things that there is nothing that you can say if SDSU just takes that away they have a chance.
You can argue that Jim Nantz is a national treasure, but I'm fine with him leaving basketball as long as they don't take Bill Raftery away from us.
Connecticut is really damn good.
They are good at everything really. Defense check, guard play check, good bigs check, rebounding check, etc, etc. I'm looking for weaknesses with them, I don't see many, if any. I don't know the last time a team repeated, they have a really good shot at it. Think Florida might have been the last to repeat thinking about it.
That guy has had one of the sweetest gigs in sports.
For me, it's Fowler. Gets to do the best (or one of the best) college games every Saturday, calls one NFL game a year, and does all the tennis majors.
Very cool. SDSU bankrolls 700 student fans. They had a lottery

"Every student was eligible to enter, only 700 were selected.

By luck of a random draw, 175 students were selected to take a roundtrip charter flight to Houston. The other 525 received $500 to be used toward travel costs.

To say that they were excited come Monday night would be an understatement. Where much of the Huskies’ student section rolled in closer to tipoff, the Aztecs were already in their place under the basket."