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Alex Grinch - DC USC

Honestly, I follow CU much closer than my own alma mater. From what I saw last year, the defense took on a new persona and was more aggressive than previous years. Clearly didn't do well enough, but it was a team loss against LSU (offense wasn't all that and a bag of chips either).
Wish I could tell you more, but I'd be happy if he was CU's next HC.
Thanks for weighing in
FWIW, a lot of OU fans were really happy with his work last season because they thought he did a good job rebuilding on the fly.

This is a situation like Lake last year where he may not be available this time next year.

He is my top choice, but I recognize there are other decent to good choices. But I think that top group of candidates is pretty small overall. If we go outside of that group, we are in big trouble IMO.

What does that top group look like, in your opinion?
He’s a national media talking head with more basketball connections but because he’s a national media guy, it’s plausible someone leaked to him.

DG does have a state of Oklahoma connection and was on OKC sports talk for a while.....may still be. but, that could mean he's just trying to push the buttons of OU fans for traffic or he may actually know something.

feels a little thin to me but hey?
Grinch = spare... Sooner defensed played undisciplined and out of position most of the season, stupid penalties every game, ejections.... what you saw in the LSU game was typical Sooner defense.

So everyone points to defensive stats and say look at this improvement, less yards per game, less points... defense is great EXCEPT compare the number of possisions and average time of possessions last 3 years.... HCLR had to change the whole offense to control the clock because of a suspect oline, a mediocre qb who cant pass consistantly and not smart enough to call audibles like previous qb's and most importantly protect his defense and the grinch.....
Well, I'm convinced:

Really impressive game from him overall:

Every quote I've seen from him impresses me. He understands the modern game, he understands cultivating a tough and aggressive culture and mentality. Wilcox was similarly controversial as a DC due to his time at USC, I think he can be our Wilcox. Can't imagine RG wouldn't love him as a candidate if he can just get him to answer the call that he apparently wouldn't for Wazzu. Not sure he answers that phone, though.
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In general, I don’t trust D Coordinators from Ohio. but if we had a big buy out clause, I’d be all in with Grinch. Solid x and o defensive guy, aggressive, and recruits well. He transformed WSU defense. Also I think he could bring in a good staff. Let’s get this done Rick George.
bump for my man Grinch at USC now who I will possibly overrate forever after his work as DC at Wazzu that one year

I want an offense guy, but Grinch's defense scored more TDs in game 1 than KD's offense scored for the entire month of October last year

I don't know if that's true, but it sounds good
Not that one game should make or break a coach, but his D got absolutely torched by Adrian Martinez yesterday.
Not that one game should make or break a coach, but his D got absolutely torched by Adrian Martinez yesterday.
Make him throw and don't let him beat you with his legs. He can throw it, but he's in couldn't hit water if he fell out of a ****ing boat territory in the pocket. If he can move around too, he's better. Make him a pocket guy, he won't do anything.
Wasn't a big Grinch fan when he was at OU, but I'm open to the idea depending on what his plan would be offensively.

One thing to keep in mind with that K-State/Oklahoma score yesterday-Klieman has beaten Oklahoma 3 times in the last four seasons. Riley's team LY had to score 21 unanswered or something like that to put K-State away last year. K-State's in Oklahoma's heads I think.
He's made his rep as a DC who can scheme to accommodate high scoring, big play offenses. That becomes more about points per possession, forcing turnovers, and having something left in the tank in the 4th quarter. It's not about points per game or yards per game, so a very different way of evaluating defensive performance.

Here's the list of OCs he has worked with:

2012-14 (Missouri Safeties under Pinkel): OC Josh Henson - current USC OC

2015-17 (Wazzu DC under Leach): Leach functioned as OC

2018 (Ohio State Co-DC under Meyer): OC Ryan Day

2019-21 (Oklahoma DC under Riley): Co-OC Cale Gundy -current WR coach at OU, and Bill Bedenaugh -current OL coach at OU

2022 (USC DC under Riley): OC Josh Henson
I'm not sure a guy with that pedigree and history of success would bother with a dumpster fire like CU. But if he can turn this around he will get a Brinks truck backed up to his house from the SEC or B1G.
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Grinch as HC
Salave'a as DC

Easy enough.
second chance starz GIF by Power
I was a huge Grinch fan, but ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

USC's defense is swiss cheese and all it does is sometimes force some turnovers. I mean they made Cal look potent last weekend
Why are we talking about giving a guy who is in charge of the 95th ranked defense in the sport a head coaching opportunity? His defenses in Norman weren't anything to write home about, either.