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Coach Prime / Buffs Football Social Media Thread

Thought I'd start a catch all thread for good Buff social media going forward, as it's clear Coach Prime values it for recruiting, player and coach promotion, etc. This is from his son Deion Jr's social media, Coach Prime meeting with the team for the first time and fielding questions. I think one of the things I respect most about him is he doesn't pull punches and is sometimes brutally honest, but does it in a way that is consistent and provides insight into how you can meet expectations. Made it pretty clear that he's not keeping everyone, that they have to earn it, and that complacency within the program has let themselves and others down. It'll be interesting to see how the kids in the program will respond.

Prime: Any questions?

Player: How much vacation time do we still get?

Holy f*ck.

Dammit... Just changed mine, guess I'll have to go with the rare Yankee Prime instead
Nvm. Going with Cinci. Might as well be nice to Ohioans since we are about to steal some ****eye recruits going forward.

Edit: on third thought... **** the color red, going back to the yanks.
Always been a big Keyshawn fan and never felt he was a diva as a player.
Anyone who is that precise a route runner and that good at finding soft spots in zones is out working and out studying his competitors. And being confident as hell is a huge positive. I loved teammates like that. You can trust them to perform and hold others accountable.
Yeah, this isn’t an either/or situation. Sanford wasn’t starting from the beginning of the year, he was trying to salvage what he could from a dead season. I’m perfectly fine with how he handled it, knowing full well that that **** would never fly with a permanent coach who was trying to build a program. Those kids have had a rough few years and may not have a future here. Let them have some fun before they head out the door.
You and @dio said it just right. Most coaches I either played for or been around were pretty damn competitive, some more than others. With this squad, I don't think it would've mattered how much Sanford wanted to win and let the guys have fun at the same time. Hell, imho, it's a small miracle we didn't go winless.