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Games thread - Men's Bball scheduled to visit #6 Arizona (Thurs., 1/13/21, 9:00 PM MT, FS1) and ASU (Sat., 8:00 PM MT, ESPN2)


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When Lawson doesn't have the ball, he's battling. When he has the ball, he's thinking and scared. Love the former, hate to watch the latter. Hope the light comes on for him before the P12 tournament.
^^ This is what I have observed as well. LL is confident in running the offense but once he's in position to go the hole he jsut totally losses confidence and it goes to heck. It will serve him well to get a couple of baskets down low with contact to begin rebuilding his confidence.

KJ is going to be dynamic. A little sloppy tonight but love his energy.
At least three times he dribbled into trouble and then had a pass stolen when surrounded by three defenders. He needs to be bit more judicious when he goes plowing into traffic. At the same time, he has so much talent and the ability to take over a game.


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Luka Garza, a more heralded recruit on the national circuit, was a single digit scorer and JAG starter until his junior year.
I'm not saying Lovering is going to have a college career like Garza, just that it taking 3 years to develop a big is normal when they're not in that rarified air of being NBA-ready at 18 years old. Garza's a recent example everyone here should be familiar with.

I agree with the point you are trying to make, but Luka was still pretty good his first two years, and only missed a few starts.

But yes, there was a huge jump up his Jr/Sr seasons