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Official Best Locations to Receive “Go Buffs” Yells

Last night I picked up a sandwich at a local sandwich place in Huntington Beach CA, wearing a CU t-shirt. The kid at the takeout counter actually initiated informed conversation about the Buffs' recent success with transfers, etc. He wasn't a Colorado fan, just a college football fan in general. This kinda stuff never used to happen. And yes, I tipped him.
Got a two for yesterday. The first was while grocery shopping, a guy saw my buff shirt and wanted to talk CU football. The second was in downtown Clermont FL after dinner. Couple of guys outside at a bar give me a “go buffs.” One of them was also wearing a Colorado T-shirt, but with the state flag.
Was grocery shopping in the metroplex yesterday sporting a CU hat. An older dude in the produce section sees it and asks if I go to CU? After I suppressed my flattered look due to this guy’s obvious lacking ability to judge human age, I said I graduated from there many years ago. I took the opportunity to mention the shocking situation for Buff football due to the Coach Prime apocalypse. He was completely unaware. He was a massive CU fan in the 90s, he said. Wait until the rest of the world realizes what is happening in Boulder. It will be glorious.
I wore a CU shirt to work on Friday and had a co-worker who immigrated from Mexico, isn't more than a casual NFL fan and has no interest in college football see it. I guess because he watches a lot of ESPN and is getting the stories by osmosis he was very aware and said that CU was going to be great.
Wore my Doug Rippy Classic White CU Jersey to the Waste Management. Dozens of Go Buffs. Awakening from a slumber, there will be extra tens and thousands of CU fans not ashamed to say so now. Gonna be lit at Folsom.

Coach ****ing Prime!
In Austin yesterday (not wearing Buff gear due to a business trip). But saw a guy with Buffs shirt at airport, leading to loud Go Buff yells from each of us (and the accompanying WTF stares from multiple Longhorns).

Kind of a funny story....I was in Austin for an industry event when the question about why AUS is a better place to do business than, for example, Omaha (which is the equivalent of Lincoln in my view). Without hesitation, the speaker responded with, "is there any question you would rather be in Austin versus Omaha?" Loud laughs from the audience.
Without hesitation, the speaker responded with, "is there any question you would rather be in Austin versus Omaha?" Loud laughs from the audience.
Never been to Austin, but as a live music fan/(now) hobbyist musician and life-long resident of Omaha, I approve this message
Wearing my “Buffs 22” shirt I caught at a MBB game today.

Definitely not on The Ave around the UW campus today.

Nor did I get anything but semi dirty looks while wearing it while shopping for UW gear at the UW bookstore.

The TSA guy did oblige at DIA. 🤷‍♂️

Was wearing a CU sweatshirt when flying out of DIA on Tuesday and the TSA guy commented on it and then asked if I had a Prime sweatshirt yet. I said oh yea, I got one in my suitcase. Then landing in Charlotte got another comment from the maintenance guy as I was exiting the plane.