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Official ****braska Hate Thread

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If you can stomach it - that was objectively one of the worst football games I've ever seen.
Iowa has a QB who can't throw, Nebraska has a QB who throws beautiful passes to the opponent and can't hold on to the ball otherwise.
Somebody gonna be in for rude awakening, yep.
Going to be interesting when those defenses actually face a QB who can throw the ball into a window instead of an ocean.

This isn't just hyperbole. Simple reality is that either one of these two teams today would have won the game by two scores with the QB from Colorado School of Mines, yes a D2 QB but a guy who can read a defense and hit an open receiver with a pass that leaves him in position for yards after catch.
Fuskers could potentially win one of their last three but it is unlikely.

They got win 5 on the season last week against mighty Purdue. How glorious will it be if they are one win away from a bowl and manage to lose their last four in a row to end up staying home?

Hopefully all close losses like today. Extending the longest P5 bowl-less streak is important, but it would be somewhat empty if they can't also claim an epic moral victory of being the best 5-7 team.
Hahaha, well done mtn & nik

And this one's for you, corn
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