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What was the total win-loss record of CU while you were in school?


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2002: 9-5
2003: 5-7
2004: 8-5
2005: 7-6

29 - 23

I'm praying CU can return to this level of mediocrity


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1987 7-4
1988 8-4 (bowl loss)
1989 11-1 (saw the loss in person to ND)
1990 11-1-1 NATTY!!! (also in person)
1991 8-3-1 (bowl loss)

Total 45-13-2

We won't talk about MBB during that time...
This was me as well, including seeing both Orange Bowls in person along with 27-12 in Lincoln in 1990 when EB went for 4 4th quarter TDs after multiple fumbles earlier.

I believed the 1991 8-3-1 season was an aberration as I graduated. Little did I know we would consider it a rousing success of an aberration if it happened now…


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2010: 5-7
2011: 3-10
2012: 1-11
2013: 4-8

Overall: 13-36

If I had not grown up a die hard buff fan, attending lots of great games at Folsom as a kid, it's pretty likely I would have left CU completely indifferent toward the football team. No good seasons, three coaches that were abysmal at their worst and milquetoast at their best, and lots and lots of very uncompetitive games. Student apathy towards football was pretty much the norm during my time at CU. The high water mark was the win over Georgia in 2010 when the 1990 team was being honored; that was the only brief flicker of CU having a legit football program during my time there.

Thinking a bit more, that 2010 team actually should have been pretty good-- they felt like a 7 or 8 win team more than a 5-7 one. Serious problems with the coaching prevented that, obviously. After Hawkins was fired, the two games at Folsom with Cabral at the interim were enough fun to convince my friends and I to roadtrip to Lincoln in 2010 in hopes we'd see the Buffs pull an upset and become bowl eligible. I remember nothing about that game other than it wasn't very close, and that I spent the whole drive home wondering why the hell I thought going to that game was such a good idea.
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Fan forever, but only a student for grad school

And the fall after I finished in August
5-6. I just learned those wins were vacated due to an ineligible player. Oops.