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'07 TNFR K Aric Goodman (Signed to Colorado)


Real name isn't Nik
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Wyoming University / Cherry Creek H.S. (Englewood, CO)

Ht: 5-foot-11
Wt: 187 lbs
40: 4.7 secs

Rivals rating: 2*; #21 Kicker (2006)
Scout rating: 2*; unranked Kicker (2006)
ESPN rating: NR Kicker (2006)

Reported Offers: Wyoming, Northern Colorado


Real name isn't Nik
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Goodman originally signed with Wyoming in 2006. During his freshman season with the Cowboys, he made 10/16 FGs and 18/20 XPs to earn Honorable Mention Freshman All-American in the Sporting News. He transferred to CU prior to the 2007 season as a walk on and sat out the 2007 season due to NCAA transfer rules. In 2008, Goodman was awarded a scholarship after making a game-winning field goal against West Virginia in the 3rd game of the season. He missed his next 8 and finished the season 5/14 FGs (worst in the nation) and 30/31 XPs. In 2009, Goodman was 10/18 FGs and 32/33 XPs. His FG% was once again the worst in the nation. On a positive note, Goodman has distinguished himself as one of the better kickoff specialists in the country. Goodman is not expected to be the CU placekicker in 2010, but is in a position battle to try to win the job back.


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Goodman statistics, high school and college

2004 made 13 of 20 Field Goals. (Cherry Creek junior)
2005 made 12 FG, of ? Stats on attempts not available. (Cherry Creek senior)
named to All Colorado team
2006 made 10 of 16 field goals. (WY)
2007 – sat out following transfer to CU
2008 made 5-of-14 field goals. (CU)
2009 made 10 of 18 field goals (CU)


Real name isn't Nik
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Thanks, AJ.

So, in all actuality, there is no evidence to suggest that Goodman is any better than a 65% accuracy placekicker since that's his known high water mark for his career. That's simply not good enough. I can understand that with him having a big leg and also being able to get the ball in the air quickly with a lot of height (even when kicking without a tee)... why coaches have watched him kick and thought he could be great. But, for whatever reason, that aspect of his game hasn't worked out. Those high, powerful kicks make him a great kickoff guy, though.