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'18 JC S Aaron Maddox (SIGNED to COLORADO)


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Holy ****. How the **** will we ever build depth if everyone is injured or transferring? Yikes.
Maddox is the one that stings. Jones, I got him confused with Jalen Harris, not so much I guess. But then again, Jalen Harris is gone after this year, so perhaps I should return to panic mode.


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Getting Hambright and Onu has helped us....but it is going to take a while to get used to the amount of transferring. One of the things I have loved about college football in the past is getting to know the players that play for CU all the way through. This generation doesn't understand patience like generations of old. In Aaron's case, I know he is looking for a starting role to get to the next level and must have not wanted to compete with Rakestraw for PT. Must be awkward since they are roommates. We will win some in the portal and lose some too, but it's hardly enjoyable so far.

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Sigh...we desperately need some good news. Seems like one bad thing after another (with exception of Rice commitment) since the second half of the Arizona game