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'20 MA TE Caleb Fauria (SIGNED to COLORADO)

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And by the way, I was right in the “guess the next commit” thread. Yay me.


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I’m not sure about the rules in a recruiting thread, but I had a thing for his mom all through my time at CU. Not reciprocated.
You know that reminds me, I never proved it but I’m pretty sure that a girl I was dating left me for Chad Brown

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I know they had an in with his dad, but I'm pretty impressed that the staff was able to close on such a highly recruited TE. They are completely selling futures because there has been zero TE glory here since the Barnett/early Hawkins era. Joe Klopfenstein was drafted 13 years ago.


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I need old school highlights of Fauria 1.0.
Congrats to Fauria 2.0, the staff, and most importantly us(the fans).


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I am sure Caleb will make his own legacy at CU. TE recruiting has taken a complete 360 turn and the coaches have done an amazing job showing recruits how they will use the position going forward.


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Welcome to something special Mr. Fauria, you will make your own legacy, but believe me that once you are on campus, your gravitas will carry weight!!!
Somethings Happening Here!!!



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