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'20 TX WR Keith Miller III (SIGNED to COLORADO)


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The Colony HS (The Colony, TX)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KeithMillerIII

Ht: 6'2"
Wt: 202
40: 4.58

247s rating: 3* - 85 grade; #159 WR
ESPN rating: 3* - 76 grade; #148 WR
Rivals rating: 3* - 5.5rr; unranked WR

247sports Composite: 3* / 0.8485 rating / #162 WR / #1122 overall

Reported Offers: COLORADO, Army, Boise State, Boston College, Connecticut, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Illinois State, Kansas, Kansas State, Liberty, Louisiana Tech, Nevada, North Texas, Purdue, San Diego State, SMU, Southern Miss, Texas Tech, Toledo, Troy, Tulane, Tulsa, Utah, Wake Forest, Washington State
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****y Mantrum Expert
Whoa. 6’5” 200 pounds at 16? That’s prototypical WR size for an NFL player and he’s a teenager. Want.want.want.


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According to reports, their spring game was an unbelievable spectacle including a Rick Ross concert and a bunch of other stuff that I am guessing would really appeal to a 17 year old boy. Say what you will about The Mad Hatter...he knows how to recruit.
Thought you couldn’t do concerts in connection with a spring game. If you can, seems like a good model to follow.

The Ogre

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What if the kid's namesake ('92-'97 fullback from Ovid) put on a concert?

Yeah, probably not.


National Championship or Bust
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Love the separation this young man creates, and great hands. He could really become a big-time target in the CU offense.