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2019 Buffs Football hype thread


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I'm hyped for that OOC schedule plus the Arizona schools in the first five games. And the rest of the season is meaty as well. That's another reminder why getting rid of MacIntyre and his 0-10 record in games with a bowl game on the line after the 2016 game had to go!


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None were signees by FHCMM. zero.

Some were committed. You can tell which ones, they are the malnourished and undersized ones. H/T Maximum.

Makes sense. I thought HCMT came on after the Dec. 19, 2018, NLI date. He actually started Dec. 5.

He had to re-recruit MM's class, but didn't he bring on some more after the NLI, including some JUCO's and other transfers?
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