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2020 Recruit Profile Index & Recruiting News


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Just like cold calling in sales
Think in terms of a bar instead. You start with Kate Beckinsale at 10:00, maybe yes, maybe no. But that is where you start. Then you work you way down from there. Maybe yes, maybe no. At 2:00 you’re stuck with Kathy Bates.

This is not rocket science, however the FHCMM regime believed in Kathy Bates at 10:00 and then you knew you were getting something.


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Kole Taylor, a 6'6" TE from Grand Junction is a recent follows from Jay Johnson & Chev. Player to keep an eye on to see how he fills out for his senior year. Could be a TE-Y or even grow into an OT over this year. Right now, he's a skinny guy in that 215-225 range but we'll see what happens as he hits his training and gets to his "man growth" age.
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