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A Rational Plan Going Forward

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by SECBuff, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. SECBuff

    SECBuff New Member

    Nov 1, 2010
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    Hi all-

    As somebody who has spent the majority of my life with an eye on this program , I feel the need to voice how I would handle things if I were sitting in Mike Bohn's chair with four games left this season. First of all, I should stress a couple of things. Even though I've been in Boulder for many games and have seen first hand what a lot of the great contributers to CU football over the years have enabled us to accomplish, I certainly don't feel like hiring anybody with significant CU ties is any great necessity. I've always believed you hire the best coach available based on merit and if he happened to have ties to a particular school at some point that is a bonus. I'm also pretty neutral on the timing of Dan Hawkins dismissal. While I do think it has become 100% apparent he needs to start packing, I don't think firing him now would have any greater effect on how the guys perform the rest of this year. It doesn't matter if Mac or Cabral or Hawkins is pacing the sidelines, the results won't change because the talent on the field won't change. We will beat KU this week and then find a way to lose just enough of the remaining 3 games against ISU,K-State and Nebraska NOT to get an invite to a bowl. With all of that in mind, here is how I would handle the last of 2010 (from a fans perspective and not as someone with any experience in athletic admin. at all...)

    1) While I don't feel it's 100% necessary to FIRE Dan now, I do think it's important to come to a decision on his future and announce to everybody what the intentions of the program are. Fire him privately, allow him to decide if he wants back in or not for the rest of the year and then go from there. Then you start looking for who is next. For those of you concerend Dan would stop recruiting and "burn us to the ground" again, calm down. When Nick Saban took the Alabama job in 2007 he had a month to recruit and managed to complie a top 15 class that year. If Bohn does his job and hires the right guy for us in the next coaching cycle, we will get enough decent recruits to be competitive. Take that to the bank.

    2) Unlike a lot of my Buff bretheren, I'm not sold on the idea of bringing back Mac or EB in the slightest. Mac would be an exciting hire for a 3-5 year period and would be someone I could back because of who he is and what he means to the black and gold, but what about beyond that? Hes 70 and I have a hard time seeing him staying dedicated to making us great for the long haul. EB is too demonstrative, and as geat as he is in the recruiting department, I can't help but look at what is happening to Mike Singletary in San Fran right now and draw some potential parallels. We need sombody more even keeled and with greater experience making gameday decisions. I don't care what his title is in Minnesota, he isn't what we are looking for. Here are some guys I would make sure are in my address book later this year:

    Mike Bellotti: He would be my first phone call. No question he would be a reach but it doesn't hurt to call the guy. Everything I have read seems to point to his retirement being a product of his eroding relationship with the Oregon admin. and not him falling out of love with it. Anybody remember his prostyle attack with Sammy Parker, Joey Harrintong and Onterrio Smith that made us look stupid in the Fiesta Bowl? Now picture Tyler and the buffs working the sme system....

    Pat Fitzgerald: Another reach because he's coaching at his alma mater and has done very well there, but he's attractive because he knows how to win with academic and recruiting constraints and he is the anti-Hawk. Very disciplined and defensive minded because he was an ex-linebcker and he has lots of energy, we need sombody like that.

    David Cutcliffe: Not a sexy name by any means, but he is very familiar with rebuliding jobs (Duke) and also with keeping established programs (Tennessee, Ole Miss) up and running. Don't be fooled by his track record. Anybody who knows football will tell you Ole Miss let him go prematurely and that they took a turn for the worst after he left. Coached Both Manning brothers to great success and has a nack for drawing up great offense (which we will need in the PAC12) an is a seasoned recruiter nationally even though most his ties are in the south. He's also much more gettable than the previous two I mentioned.
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  2. CVilleBuff

    CVilleBuff Club Member Club Member

    Aug 27, 2010
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    I've got to disagree with you that letting Cabral or Hagan coach the remainder of the season wouldn't produce any more wins, because you say CU simply doesn't have enough talent. I agree that CU is lacking top talent (and depth) right now, it certainly showed against OU. However, CU had enough talent this year for a competent head coach to guide them to 8 wins. Hawk's inability to improve his players led to his 4 and 5 star recruits fizzling out and not becoming all-americans. We're playing KU, ISU and KSU these next 3 games. On paper CU is more talented than KU and ISU, and even with KSU. Simply, Hawk is the worst coach ever. Cabral or Hagan are not as bad as Hawk, and could lead the Buffs to a 6-6 record and sneak into a bowl. These Seniors deserve a bowl game.

    I'm with you all the way on Belotti, though it's a long-shot. I hadn't thought of Pat Fitzgerald, there's no denying that he's done a great job at Northwestern. Cutcliffe is a good coach, he's drastically improved every QB he's ever coached and he knows how to produce on offense. However, he's a southerner and actually seems pretty committed to the Duke rebuilding project. He's done an admirable job and had the Devils at 5-7 just missing a bowl game, but they've really struggled in '09 and this season.
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  3. Buffnik

    Buffnik Real name isn't Nik Club Member Junta Member

    Mar 20, 2009
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    I've got a ton of respect for Cutcliffe. He's a heck of a recruiter as well as a very good teacher and game planner. Problem is, he has been in some HC jobs that may be impossible situations. At least impossible to win quickly and he hasn't been given a lot of time. That said, I also haven't seen the signature wins that make me think he has what it takes as a head coach. I'm afraid he'd be the type of hire who wouldn't win but would set the table for the next guy to win. CU can't afford that right now.

    Fitzgerald is a heck of a coach, but he's another guy who is missing those signature wins. He seems to live on a weak non-conference schedule and then beating the bottom half of the Big 10 to get his wins. He does have Colorado ties, though. But I've got a feeling the only way he leaves is for an elite job or the NFL.

    Bellotti is definitely a big name. But his first 7 years at Oregon were better than his last 7. He's now 60 years old. It's hard to see him starting over and being successful.

    Honestly, though, I wouldn't have an issue with any of these guys.

    I'll throw another name out there that would make some noise on the west coast. Jeremy Bates. He may only be 34 years old, but he's been fast tracked in the coaching ranks. Love the USC/Pete Carroll ties. Plus, he has coached with the Broncos and his dad's connections would be an immense help in building a staff.
  4. White_Rabbit

    White_Rabbit Club Member Club Member

    Dec 1, 2008
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    I liked the plan that got floated last year that was Jeremy Bates as HC/OC with his dad as DC. His dad was/is? a pretty damn good DC, at least in the NFL. How good he'd be in college is a different story.
  5. bbads

    bbads Member

    Oct 10, 2010
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    the seniors deserve a bowl game. i dont think 4 weeks of recruiting will suffer a lot if we let him go now so there is no point.

    the monday after the nebraska game---->bye bye D2 danny
  6. CUBuffs

    CUBuffs New Member

    Oct 31, 2010
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    Either Gus Malzahn or Les Miles will do perfectly. I'm not completely sold on the three you listed.

    Bellotti's retired and I don't see him coming out of retirement for us.

    Pat Fitzgerald had one good season in 2008. The rest have been terrible, or mediocre. Plus, he was outcoached by the guy on my wish list, Gus Malzahn, in the bowl game last year.

    David Cutcliffe had one decent span at Ole Miss, simply because of Eli Manning. Every other season was mediocre, and his overall record as a head coach is almost a .500 average. Definitely NOT what we need.

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