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ASU Preview: A devil of a time

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Oct 27, 2011.

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    At last, the no good, lame month of October is coming to a close. *I knew going in that October would probably end with an 0-5 record, with a whole bunch of blowouts thrown in for good measure, but this has almost been worse than I could've imagined prior to the WSU game. *So far, the 10th month of 2011 has thumped CU to the tune of 176-60. *Woof.

    Before the season started I saw at least a few opportunities for sweet, sweet victory in November, but now I'm not so sure. *At least there's fewer*opportunities*for a 40 point blowout.


    The Sun Devil is an acceptably unique mascot; certainly better than their Territorial Cup rival Arizona Wildcats. *To take advantage of the unique aspects of having a Devil for a mascot, I*unapologetically*present this clip of the Robot Devil from Futurama.

    (I got a hundred bucks on rectal exam bot!)​

    The Buffs are off to warmer climates, poised to hit the Valley of the Sun for the first time since 2007. *Kickoff is set for 4:30, but there's no TV coverage to avoid looking at this weekend. *If you really*want to, you can join Mark Johnson on 850 KOA to agonize over the play-by-play.

    Click below for my preview...

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