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Brooks: McCulloch Didn’t Get His Wish (Or Did He?)

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Oct 8, 2014.

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    For as long as he's been on the CU roster, Tyler McCulloch has longed to see "TE" adjacent to his name.

    Originally posted by CUBuffs.com
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    Tyler has drawn a lot of negative response from people because of his association with being recruited by the Embree staff and being a recruit who had pretty much no rating power on the services being either rated low or not at all.

    He then was missused by the Embree staff who tried to use him on fly routes and doing the kind of things you would use a speed guy like PRich for, Tyler never was or will be one to simply run by people.

    Then he caught a lot of grief because his production went way down. It was known that he was hurt but he kept trying to play through it and his performance again suffered.

    Tyler is never going to be a guy who makes you stand in anticipation like a PRich or a guy who turns defenders inside out like Spruce but healthy I think he is a much better player than most people give him credit for. It isn't his fault that he was recruited here, despite not having the recruiting rankings by the last staff and it isn't his fault how he was used.

    At the start of this year some posters on this board posted some negative things about him not caring and being checked out. It sure didn't look like he didn't care or was checked out against Oregon State. Instead it looked like the coaches figured out that with Spruce and Fields getting the major attention and DD drawing the nickel we had Tyler matched up against the safety one on one a lot and they took advantage.

    I wish he had gotten that RS year because it would be a positive for us if he had one more year to play for us.

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