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bsn BSN: The 2015 Colorado Buffaloes as explained through Adele

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Dec 2, 2015.

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    Jul 8, 2005
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    Hello, it’s me,

    I was wondering if after all these weeks you like to meet,

    To go over everything,

    They say that time is supposed to help you, but I ain’t done much winning.

    Hello, can you hear me?

    I’m in Colorado dreaming about who we used to be,

    When we were better than Hawai’i,

    I’ve forgotten how it felt before I came here in ’13.

    There’s not much difference between us and a winning squad.

    Hello from Mike MacIntyyyyre,

    I must have tried a thousand tiiiimes,

    To tell you I’m sorry for all the games that we boned,

    But when we lose we never seem to get owned.

    Hello from the “L” siiiide,

    At least I can say that I triiiied,

    To tell you this job would be tough from the start,

    Does it not matter the Pac-12 doesn’t tear us apart anymore?

    Hello, how are you?

    It’s so typical of me to talk about closeness I’m sorry.

    I hope that you’re well,

    Will I ever get us out of this funk where big wins never happen?

    It’s no secret that the Buffaloes went four and nine.

    So, Hello from Mike MacIntyyyyre,

    I thought we’d win at least fiiiiive,

    So I tell you I’m sorry for losing game one,

    But opening on the island was a dumb move by Bohn.

    Hello from my staff and I,

    Seven wins was assiniiiine,

    So I tell you I’m sorry for breaking your heart ,

    But I promise next year we won’t tear you apart anymore.

    Ooooooooh anymore,

    Oooooooooh anymore!

    Hello from Mike MacIntyyyyre,

    We must’ve lead a thousand tiiimes,

    So I tell you I’m sorry for making you groan,

    When we couldn’t fisnish a damn game at home.

    Hello from the sideliiiiine,

    I pushed and shoved and screamed and criiiieeeed,

    To show you it’s also breaking my heart,

    That this school can’t seem to climb up the charts anymore.

    Ryan Koenigsberg
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