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"Buffs Versatility Will Serve (Or Set) Them Well" (Volleyball, cubuffs.com article)

Discussion in 'University of Colorado News and Olympic Sports' started by AztecBuff, Sep 19, 2015.

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    Article- http://www.cubuffs.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=600&ATCLID=210354838

    BOULDER – Sometimes in the fast paced world of college volleyball, it’s hard to notice the subtle differences. Anything from a rotation change to how many setters an offense utilizes can often times go unnoticed to the novice fan.

    As the Buffs dispatched of Montana State (3-1) and Weber State (3-0) Friday at the Coors Events Center, one thing became evident. These Buffs are developing a versatility that will serve them well once Pac-12 play begins. Or maybe it’s better to say it will set them well.

    The last time most Buffs fans saw this team when the season kicked off they knocked off No. 9 Florida State, the Buffs utilized a 6-2 offense, a two-setter offense with both senior Nicole Edelman and sophomore Gabby Simpson taking the reigns of the offense at different times and featuring six hitters in the rotation.

    What fans saw Friday was a return to a more tradition offense, the 5-1 (five hitters, one setter).

    “One of our strengths is our flexibility,” CU coach Liz Kritza said. “I have two setter/hitters that are both versatile. Right now, this is the offense that’s working best. When it comes to the post season, we need to be ready to have that versatility.”

    My (aztecbuff) take- Be fun as a fan to see how often the Buffs are in the 5-1 vs. the 6-2 the rest of the year, especially once conference starts. I'd assume a big part of it may be how quickly Joslyn Hayes can come back from her injury and be effective, and/ or how quickly Katelyn Cuff (a RECENTLY converted middle) and/ or or one of the other YOUNGER inexperienced players the Buffs have tried at the 2nd left side, can develop into effective Pac 12 level players.

    (For those who know even less than I do about volleyball- As I understand it, the main advantage for the Buffs or any other team running the 6-2 is always having 3 hitters in the front row. To have that advantage mean anything, a team has to have enough quality experienced outside hitters, and right now the Buffs are lacking experience at the outside beyond Ms's. Austin and G. Simpson, so choosing the 6-2 over the 5-1 may have questionable value (depending of course, as always, on match-ups with specific opponents). The main 5-1 advantage is usually hitters being able to get used to one setter's setting delivery/style and the setter getting a full-time feel of what is or isn't working in a match, and also includes a myriad of other potential advantages (for example the middle sharing the front row with the setter being able to run a wide slide attack, etc.), depending of course on the strengths and weaknesses of ALL the players on the court and roster. Note- for many teams, the 6-2 is almost forced upon them because their setters are shorter and can't block effectively. With both Buff setters having good height and being experienced blockers, that's not a factor one way or the other for CU.)
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