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Coach Kap Interview - Suggests he could be here a while

Darth Snow

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Great interview that's not really about this season but Kap in general. Obviously, early returns are good, so I really hope he stays a while.

Again, we weren’t panicked because we’ve been smart with our money and we didn’t ever want to be in a situation where we were forced into taking a job just to take a job. I wanted to find the right situation for my family. It’s important to me that the place we live is somewhere that my family can enjoy and thrive in. That was my driver in this search.”
What were the main factors that matched those priorities and led you to choose the Colorado job over your other offers? – “On the professional side of the equation you look at who the head coach is, what’s his staff like? What are the chances of being successful at that school? Is it a staff that’s been there for a few years? Ideally, I really wanted to get in on the front-end with a new staff and be a part of the building process. Right away, the first comment I made to my wife, Fiona, was, “Man, out of all of the jobs that look to be opening up, I really would love the Colorado job over any of these other jobs.” At the time I didn’t even know who they were hiring as their head coach. But the job and the opportunity were appealing to us personally and professionally. We were just ecstatic when that opportunity became a real option for us.”