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Coach Prime / Buffs Football Social Media Thread

People don’t like loud, cocky, mouthy people who haven’t proven themselves, especially when they’re black. It’s why there was a lot of hate on Prime before TCU and not much out there right now. That’s how he was viewed until 9/2/23
Someday, someone will slip up and say the quiet part out loud. Especially if CU is able to sniff a CFP opportunity this season. Collective heads will meltdown
arnold schwarzenegger eyes GIF
Someone must be cutting an onion right next to me...

Side note, if there are any music people that are able to find the music in the background, I'd be very appreciative
It has a similar melody to Kitchen Sink by twenty one pilots
he didn't drop that line about making people uncomfortable on accident. He's telling the world he knows that racist people are terrified of him.
Matthew Bingo GIF

It won’t be the obvious party that slips up, because dancing around such was spoon fed to them since diapers, but somewhere, someone unlikely, is going to get a shorthair bent sideways up their butt, and be caught with their pants down on this. Pac12 conference play could bring out the worst in some programs this year…
See, that's the thing. 60 minutes already did a segment on Prime a year ago when he was at Jackson. He's done things in his life multiple times that people would die for just to do once. Greatness is routine for him. So when he talks about taking this program to heights it's never been to before, dominating, showing out, the rest of us mortals have a hard time even fathoming what that looks like in his mind.

Sports fans believe that at least 90% of announcers are bad at their job. 😂
There are enough bad ones that it drives me nuts when people bitch about the good ones, key examples being Doris Burke and Dave Pasch. I get not everyone enjoys Bill Walton's Shtick (those people are wrong, but to each their own), but the people who complain about Pasch being the consumate pro in broadcasts with Walton is mind boggling.
Coach's show is normally at 12 noon with Mark Johnsen (live from Post in Boulder). I can't see a feed so far. Is there a show this week? Last week's was fantastic