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Colorado Wins 63-49 Over Arizona State

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Feb 11, 2012.

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    The Buffaloes lit up Tempe on February 11th and beat the Sun Devils in Pac 12 play, 63-49.
    The Buffaloes won by a wider-than expected margin. In terms of RPI ranking, Colorado was definitely the better team, #72 to #225. The Buffaloes have already seen the Sun Devils this year, and this win finishes a regular season sweep.
    Colorado was able to overpower Arizona State in free throw shooting and also came out ahead in three-point shooting.

    The Buffaloes collected 15 points from free throws compared to four for the Sun Devils. Colorado leaned on three-pointers for the win and made 46% of them as opposed to 33% for Arizona State.
    Spencer DinWiddie was the high scorer for the Buffaloes with 15 points on 66% shooting in 34 minutes.
    CU PlayersMinsPtsRebAstStlBlkTO
    AAndre Roberson291292423
    AS. DinWiddie341551022
    BAustin Dufault301260102
    B-Sabatino Chen11212100
    B-Askia Booker19920102
    C+Nate Tomlinson29524002
    CCarlon Brown28821012
    C-S. Harris-Tunks9021000
    C-Jeremy Adams11030101
    ASU PlayersMinsPtsRebAstStlBlkTO
    B+Ruslan Pateev15661000
    BTrent Lockett321043102
    BChanse Creekmur17613000
    C+J. Gilling371130213
    CChris Colvin28445104
    CJ. Bachynski14250012
    CKyle Cain25821103
    DCarrick Felix32220113

    The Buffaloes have moved up to 17-8 as they get closer to the final stretch. Their Pac 12 record improves to 9-4, good enough to bump them up to 3rd place.
    Coming up next is Utah on the road on February 18th.
    Colorado Game Notes:

    • This season Colorado has won 100% of the time (4-0) when Spencer DinWiddie has 3 three pointers or more, 90% of the time (9-1) when Nate Tomlinson has 4 assists or more, and 80% of the time (8-2) when Austin Dufault has 6 rebounds or more.
    • CU beat the spread by 10.0 points. That makes the 12th time this season the Buffaloes have beat the spread.
    • Andre Roberson had a career high with 4 steals.
    • The top two scorers (Spencer DinWiddie and Andre Roberson) accounted for 42.8% of the points.
    • The Buffaloes have won 100% of the time this season (7-0) after recording 5 or more blocks.
    Arizona State Game Notes:

    • Ruslan Pateev has led the team in rebounding 3 times in 25 games this season.
    • Jonathan Gilling has led the team in scoring 3 times in 25 games this season.
    • Arizona State lost and did not cover the spread.
    • The top two scorers (Jonathan Gilling and Trent Lockett) accounted for 42.8% of the points.
    Check out the complete Games Notes

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