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Colorado Wins Overtime Thriller, 56-51 Over Texas Southern

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Dec 22, 2011.

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    On December 22nd at home, the Buffaloes slipped by the Tigers, 56-51, in overtime.
    A couple key stats coming into the game: The RPI ranked Colorado higher, #82 to #163. Last season, Colorado beat Texas Southern 88-74.
    Colorado was able to overwhelm Texas Southern in offensive rebounding and also win the battle in assists.

    Colorado benefited from its offensive rebounding with a big 12 to seven edge. Colorado spread the ball around with ease, and its 16 assists gave it an advantage compared to nine from Texas Southern.
    Spencer DinWiddie was the leading scorer for the Buffaloes with 18 points in 32 minutes, including 15 points in threes. Andre Roberson led everyone with 16 rebounds.
    TSU PlayersMinsPtsRebAstStlBlkTO
    AOmar Strong322321201
    BMadarious Gibbs30814202
    B-Fred Sturdivant251121112
    B-L. Johnson-Danner19341201
    CDaniel King23240211
    C-Jabari Peters18031101
    D+DeAngelo Scott13130002
    D+Timothy Price15120001
    -Aaron Clayborn10210001
    -Patrick Onwenu7011001
    -D. Ellington8000202
    CU PlayersMinsPtsRebAstStlBlkTO
    A+Andre Roberson3511162020
    BS. DinWiddie321831003
    B-Carlon Brown291131001
    C+Austin Dufault28842102
    CNate Tomlinson29137005
    C-S. Harris-Tunks11410001
    -Shannon Sharpe9002000
    -Jeremy Adams9320104
    D-Sabatino Chen18001103

    The Buffaloes are now 7-4 and they look good early in the season.
    Up next the Buffaloes face New Orleans at home on December 28th.
    Colorado Game Notes:

    • Spencer DinWiddie recorded a team season high in three pointers with 5.
    • Andre Roberson accounted for 44.4% of the team's rebounds.
    • This is the 6th game at home this season--CU has a -2.2 average scoring margin against opponents at home.
    • Carlon Brown has 3 straight double-digit point games.
    • Andre Roberson has led the team in rebounding in 10 out of 11 games this season.
    Texas Southern Game Notes:

    • This marks the 1st 20-point game of Omar Strong's career.
    • Omar Strong accounted for 45.0% of the team's points.
    • This loss extended the Tigers losing streak to 8 games.
    • Omar Strong has led the team in scoring 6 times in 10 games this season.
    • Omar Strong recorded a team season high in three pointers with 7, points with 23, and field goals made with 8.
    Check out the complete Games Notes

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    Texas Southern?
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    "The Buffaloes are now 7-4 and they look good early in the season."????

    -- I'm a [strike] mother****ing [/strike] internet Angel --
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    lol, nothing gets by you guys.... i thought this was a joke post by buffnik or goose... who wrote this crap... good sense of humor

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