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Deion Sanders - HC Jackson State

Yeah, there are dozens of incredibly dynamic icons who are coaching that will be able to go scorched earth on a roster and recruit from everywhere and turn things around instantly. Suuuure. Like, does that author thing the Trent Dilfer’s of the world can do what Coach Prime is doing? This is not a knock on Trent Dilfer, a media savvy pretty successful longtime NFL player making the jump to coaching. He isn’t Prime.
I'm trying to think of similar possibilities in Basketball or Football.

There's a little bit of overlap with Penny in Memphis.

Could Peyton pull it off in a similar way, but done with cheesy white dude shtick?

Shaq could probably do it if he was interested.
MJ can definitely do it in basketball. But he has 0 reason or interest to do it. I also doubt he would be a good coach :ROFLMAO:
And that is really the X factor. Prime wants to be the best coach just like he wanted to be the best player. That fire burns hot. He can’t just go gamble on golf games or guffaw around on ESPN+. He fiends for the action and the recognition. His comments about Saban on 60 Minutes bore that out, that he sits as a student to glean knowledge when he’s around him.