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Early recruiting tidbits

Discussion in 'University of Colorado Recruiting Archive' started by Duff Man, Feb 17, 2016.

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    A few random observations as offers continue to go out:

    1. There will be a lot of offensive linemen in this class
    This is not exactly a revelation, but the coaching staff seems to be offering more offensive tackles than expected early on, especially since the last two classes seem to have been "tackle heavy." Additionally, the offer to JUCO OT Ronald Rudd this week seems to indicate the coaches are going to try to balance numbers by bringing in a December grad to join the 2016 grayshirts. If that holds, six (grayshirts/JUCO and three high schoolers) seems like a good target number for this OL class. Additionally, the Rudd offers indicates more Chev influence on the recruiting process. While the coaching staff under MacIntyre has targeted JUCOs in California from the start, the So Cal JUCOs have mostly been absent. With Chev's credentials in that area (six years as an assistant at two different schools), it seems fair to say there will be a noticeable change on that front.

    Moving forward, six seems like a reasonable starting number considering the impending departures of Shane Callahan, Alex Kelley, and Sully Weifels. Plus the status of Jeromy Irwin going forward is still somewhat unknown. Finally, there are fourth-year juniors like Connor Center and Colin Sutton who seem like prime candidates to move on after next season.

    2. Rumors of the demise of the tight end in this offense may have been greatly exaggerated
    While the coaches may have only offered four tight ends to date, it is important to note they seem to be aggressively recruiting three of those offers. Josh Falo has been recruited by this staff since he was a freshman and has since blossomed into one of the top tight end prospects in the country. One thing to note with some of the schools offering him, particularly Michigan and Nebraska, is that Falo seems to be more than just a "flex TE" that the coaches have been previously targeting. Jim Harbaugh and Mike Riley expect more from their tight ends than just catching passes. Jimmy Jaggers is another "traditional" tight end who the coaches have aggressively recruited early on. He recently told Scout that the Buffs are one of three schools (UCLA and Washington being the others) recruiting him the hardest. Finally, Sire Woods from La Mirada High School is another early offer who seems to have legitimate interest in the Buffs, as he recently talked about visiting Boulder sometime this spring in an interview with Adam.

    Obviously, numbers play a role here. With the impending graduation of Sean Irwin and the recent news of Hayden Jones leaving the program, the Buffs are looking at two scholarship tight ends on the roster in 2017. They can offer early playing time to multiple players at this position. But also worth noting that Falo and Jaggers in particular seem to be guys that could play tight end in a variety of offenses.

    3. The Jack Sears offer potentially changes the quarterback recruiting pecking order
    The coaches seem to be more willing to offer quarterbacks earlier in this cycle than in the past and that continued with today's offer to Jack Sears. His stock has really taken off in recent weeks with five P5 offers in the last month. What does it mean for the QB recruiting board? Potentially a pretty big shakeup. Previously, Braxton Burmeister and Chase Cord were thought to be the two main targets who held a CU offer and had shown reciprocal interest to the coaching staff. There are clearly any numbers of dominoes that need to fall for QB recruiting to come into focus, but do not surprised to see another early offer or two from the Buffs. FWIW, the main domino in west coast recruiting this year is Tua Tagovailoa. UCLA and USC are basically both "all in" for him at the moment.
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