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Good Denver Post Article: When to fire a coach can be toughest decision.

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by antisaint, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. antisaint

    antisaint I LIKE CAKE! Club Member

    Nov 28, 2008
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    Some interesting Stuff:


  2. buffedup

    buffedup Cooler than a Popsicle Stand. Club Member

    Dec 18, 2006
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    John Henderson chimes in too.


    Actually makes some valid points with coaching search. Of course he also gets in his shot at CU as well:

    "Colorado, however, will have a real problem attracting an established head coach for one huge reason. This is not a good job. The athletic department doesn't get great support from a president's office that seems to change hands as often as the coach's chair."

    If he did his research, over the last 30 years Colorado is actually one of the coaching positions with little turnover. The only coach that was here less than 5 years was Neu who left for UW and Fairbanks for obvious reasons.​
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2010
  3. Del

    Del Member

    May 25, 2010
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    That part really pissed me off about CU not being a good job. Nobody here thinks its the best job or even one of the elite jobs right now but to say its not a good job is a ****ing joke. I told him to go write for the Oregonian or Omaha Herald because we are sick of his CU bashing!
  4. Buffarino

    Buffarino Math - how does it work? Club Member

    Jul 8, 2005
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    I think in any job, football included, once the decision has been made to no longer retain someone, you should cut them loose. Nothing good can come from D2 Danny finishing out the season here.
  5. Mick Ronson

    Mick Ronson Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2005
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    Hank and Joe Kines 2 time interims. I guess being a good DC gets you that. Kines had some salty D's at Bama under lameass Mike Shula. most recently fired at ATM IIRC.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2010
  6. cu2x

    cu2x Club Member Club Member

    Oct 27, 2008
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    That article talks about hawk and neinas and somehow fails to mention that Bohn consulted with neinas about Barnett's replacement and that, as a result, we got the 'home run kid'
  7. max4buffs

    max4buffs Well-Known Member

    Oct 29, 2010
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    I sent Henderson this email.

    Your a retard Henderson!
    Get your facts straight.

    Assistants can have multi-year contracts at any of the State Universities. The state law says each department can only have 5 long term contracts. Eric Kiesau offensive coordinator is on a 3 year contract now. Here is the link for that.


    MAC's right hand man Logan? Quit reading the blogs and get some actual facts.

    The facilities at CU need to be updated, and are nothing compared to Oregon. But horrible, I think not. Why don't you take a look at the PAC 10 where we are going. Stanford, Arizona, Oregon State, Washington and Washington State don't have near the facilities we have. Those are the only ones I can say I have personally seen.

    As far as Alabama offensive coordinator Jim McElwain, and Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn how hard is it to win with 4 and 5 star recruits on a regular basis.

    Mac brings several things that will help the University become prominent again. He won't require a long term contract, leaving one for an assistant. He won't require a bunch of money (would probably do the job for close to nothing). He won't stick around if he has 5 losing seasons because he has respect for the University. The biggest reason CU needs Mac is because the donors respect him and he will bring big bucks into a program in need.

    When you want to have an intelligent conversation about the state of CU athletics let me know.

    Quit hacking through your whole life and get some facts before you write another article

    We'll see how he responds.
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  8. Hugegroove

    Hugegroove Club Member Club Member

    Jul 2, 2008
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    Hmmmmmm? When 1st I read this, the only thing that I thought of is that he was describing the next head coach in his image for the Buffs.

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