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Hola Amigos!


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Been up to a bit of this, that and the other lately. Been a while since I wrapped at you douches. I be sitting here typing at the library since my electricity was shut off after the UCLA game. Another in a long line of bad decisions. Life is hard for the Cruise and the Buffs.

So, what’s up with Coach Mel Short Pants? Not sure it makes sense to make a fashion statement when your team keeps losing games. I think Tom Landry is spinning in his dirt casa. Hell, I got canned for wearing shorts to my cooking gig at Golden Corral!

Well, we can still go bowling!

Ha! Who am I kidding! Bigger chance of me qualifying for a new car loan, and we all know that ain’t happening.

I think we may have a shot this weekend vs the tree. But I am also pretty stoned at this moment, so I could be talking some serious ****. Speaking of ****, my car transmission went out this week and the garage is quoting me like $4,500 bucks, so I guess Jim is back to taking the bus. God, I hate those losers on the bus, why can’t they get their stuff together?

Anyway, I digress from my point…

Go Buffs, I guess!

Rap at you later.

P.S. SinkRat let me know when you ever post anything original or funny so I can commemorate it with a big doobie!

P.S.S Your Mom still owes me for mi services!


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There just seems to be something off about the ****ty previews this season. I can't quite put my finger on the difference,though.